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Program Descriptions





Hodges UniversityHodges University

Bachelor of Science Program:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies
    The IDS programs provide students with the skills to integrate academic disciplines through various levels of analysis and synthesis of information. The programs promote examination of complex issues in our diverse contemporary society through the assimilation, evaluation and utilization of multiple areas of study.

    The IDS program provides students the opportunity to obtain a degree by combining previous college studies with courses that will prepare you for today’s challenging work environment. The IDS program will provide you with skills to integrate academic disciplines - all in an accelerated format.


Florida State UniversityFlorida State University

Bachelor of Science Programs:

  • Computer Science (Web-based)
    The Department of Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science in computer and information science, with majors in software engineering and computer science. The software engineering major is specifically designed for the student preparing for a career as a software professional, while the computer science major leans more toward preparation for graduate work in computer science.
  • Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
    The Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) program offers students a liberal arts education that helps them become informed citizens who understand and can resolve the myriad issues emerging at every level of society. Rather than focusing on a particular content area, an ISS program emphasizes applying critical thinking skills and cultural and international literacy to several disciplines.


University of FloridaUniversity of Florida

Bachelor of Science Program:

  • Business Administration (Web-based)
    The Warrington College of Business plans to offer an online undergraduate degree program designed to allow students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a major in general business. The BSBA program consists of 15 upper-division courses, each of which is four credit hours. The curriculum is designed to fit seamlessly with an associate in arts degree.


University of South FloridaUniversity of South Florida

Bachelor of Science Programs:

  • Nursing
    The RN to BSN program is designed to capitalize on the prior learning and experience of the registered nurse. The program consists of 30 to 33 credit hours of nursing courses. After a student successfully completes the first 16 semester hours of course work, validated credit for up to 30 credit hours in nursing may be granted. You must be a registered nurse licensed in the state of Florida to enter the program.

Master of Arts Program:

  • Reading
    The Master of Arts in reading education K-12 is designed to prepare special reading teachers, clinicians, supervisors, directors, and coordinators of reading for school systems. 

Webber International UniversityWebber International University

Bachelor of Science Program:

  • Business Administration
    The Completion Program at Webber offers options to the working adult seeking a degree in Business. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a program that recognizes the ever-changing needs in the world today. The program offers flexibility for students who have career goals that require a business background. Areas of concentration include accounting, management, marketing, and general business studies.
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