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Enrollment and Degree Verification

South Florida State College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications to companies requesting such information. The certifications printed via the National Student Clearinghouse should be accepted as official certifications of any South Florida State College student's attendance and/or enrollment. All such certifications received in this manner are official and need no further institutional signatures or seals. National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:
Phone: 703-742-4200
Fax: 703-742-4239

Students are encouraged to obtain enrollment verification certifications via the National Student Clearinghouse, which may be accessed by visiting the “student” tab on Panther Central. Non-students or organizations that need to obtain enrollment verification may also use the above listed website.

The following services are free to all enrolled students and may be used as often as necessary.

  • Obtain an enrollment certificate to print and mail to a health insurer or other company that requests proof of enrollment.
  • View enrollment information on file with the clearinghouse.

The student clearinghouse provides students with instant access to their enrollment information 24/7. If you have any questions concerning the service or quality of the service, contact

Only those certification requests which require information not in the possession of the National Student Clearinghouse will be handled by the SFSC Registrar's Office.

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