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Information for Employers

Information for Employers


We encourage local employers to use the many free services available to them through the SFSC Career Development Center. If you are looking for qualified candidates for job openings in your company, we can help connect you to applicants from SFSC and the community.

All SFSC Career Development Center job placement services are free to students, alumni, employers, and the general public.

Some specific ways we assist employers include:

  • Posting your available job openings on our Career Center Job Board website at no charge, and facilitating referrals of job seekers to you.
  • Ensuring that referred job applicants will come to an interview with an appropriate professional resume.
  • Providing applicants limited access to computers, the Internet, and FAX services to facilitate communication.
  • Giving you limited access to computers, the Internet, and FAX services as well as to a private conference room and office for your use for occasional on-site interviews with potential employees.
  • Connecting you to sources of current labor market data.
  • Making students aware of opportunities in your business not only for employment, but also for internships and Co-Op experiences.

We sponsor special events throughout the year through which you can promote your company and connect with potential job applicants. They are:

Job Fairs

  • Offered at the SFSC Highlands Campus (Avon Park) in the fall and spring.
  • Provides you free exhibit space and opportunity to network with hundreds of job seekers.

Monthly Featured Employer Exhibits

  • Offered frequently at the SFSC Highlands Campus (Avon Park), and at our other campus locations (Arcadia, Bowling Green, Lake Placid) upon request.
  • Provides you free exhibit space in a student high traffic area on campus to help you increase student awareness of the employment potential with your company.
  • Focuses attention solely on your company during this special activity.

Career Connection

  • This long-standing annual event highlights dozens of careers and occupations by inviting local employers in a wide variety of industries and businesses to interact with hundreds of local high school and college students.
  • Emphasis is placed on helping students understand the rewards, and requirements, of a career in field(s) in which they have an interest.
  • Focus is placed on hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays that illustrate the exciting nature of featured careers and occupations.

If you would like to participate in any of these activities or to post job openings on our online Job Board, contact Loretta Jackson at the Career Development Center. Then, e-mail or fax us an employer Job Vacancy Referral Form (PDF) to make us aware of your new job openings!

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