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Circle K International

2013-2014 Officers

  • Noor Aboul Hosen, President
  • Evelyn Barajas, Vice President
  • Kenia Villalva, Treasurer
  • Olivia Sanchez, Secretary
  • Louise Desisol, Fund Raising Chair
  • Brandon Vargas, Editor


Claire Miller 863-784-7305
Student Services Advisor

Circle K International

Advisors: Claire Miller

Circle K is a Student Led Service organization for the college and university students, sponsored by Kiwanis International. The club exists to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian though the qualities of leaderships, the rewards of services, and the unique spirit of friendship.

Who we are:
We are part of Florida District of Circle K International are the club is part of Sunbelt Conference that is made up by other universities and private colleges in Central Florida.

Key to College
The Key to College is a Circle K International (CKI) program developed especially for high school students who are interested in pursuing higher education and gaining insight about college and university life, service, and leadership.

Sponsoring a key to College Program benefits both the high school audience and the CKI club in several ways:

  1. High school students have the opportunity to learn about college life first-hand from college students. In addition to learning how to select and apply for their ideal colleges, high school students will learn all about living on campus, selecting courses, applying for financial aid, joining student organizations, choosing a major, and adapting to campus social life and schoolwork.
  2. The Key to College Program gives members of CKI the opportunity to interact with high school students, often members of Key Club International. While the Program is not limited to Key Club audiences by any means, CKI groups may wish to target Key Club members so that they may begin to develop a relationship that will enhance both organizations’ service potentials in the future.
  3. CKI members may further develop their leadership and presentation skills by providing this needed community service.

Club Leadership
Circle K International club leaders receive consistent, quality leadership development training through the Club Leadership Education program. Certified instructors are Kiwanis or CKI members who are trained to present the material to club leaders. Applications are due in the spring, and training concludes in the fall.

What is Club Leadership Education (CLE)?
Club Leadership Education is a dynamic presentation of a proven basic process each club should use to educate club officers in the basics of leadership. With group participation, attendees are led through the basic skills each club leader should routinely practice in the day-to-day operation of a successful Circle K club. This process improves club operations, makes meetings and fellowship more meaningful, evaluates club projects, and activities, and allows for more effective recruitment and retention of members. All club officers should participate in the training program each year. Certified trainers present this information in their districts.


  • Kiwanis of Sebring and K-family
  • YMCA of Sebring
  • Boy and Girls Club
  • Big Brothers and Big Sister
  • Give Kids the World
  • UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund
  • ARC

Fundraising Projects:

  • Bake sales
  • Rib sales
  • The Eliminate Project
  • March of Dimes
  • Tomorrow Fund


  • Day of giving
  • Give Kids the World (
  • District conventions
  • International conventions
  • Horsing Handicap
  • K-Family events
  • YMCA family events
  • Easter egg hunt
  • K Family Carnival
  • Corn hole tournament


  • Newest Club Award (2013)


  • Service, Leadership, Fellowship


  • James Josue - USF