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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 4180

Title: Travel Reimbursement

Based on Policy: 4.18 - Travel and Per Diem

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services/ Controller

  1. Purpose:

    The following rules shall govern travel and the payment of costs associated with such travel of SFSC District Board of Trustees members, employees and other authorized persons in accordance with Florida Statute 112.061.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Authorization

      Approval for college personnel to attend an out-of-district conference, meeting or other activity for the benefit of the college must be obtained in advance of the travel.  A Leave Request form indicating temporary duty, clearly identifying the sponsor and title of the meeting, its location, the dates and times of travel and reason for attendance, will be submitted through supervisory channels for signature.
    2. Basis for reimbursement

      Travel will be reimbursed on the basis of authorized amounts for meals and actual lodging costs at a single occupancy rate or on a per diem (daily) rate.  Authorized transportation and incidental expenses will also be reimbursed if substantiated with proof of payment.  Vehicle mileage reimbursement will be made at authorized rates per mile.
    3. Classifications of travel
      1. Class A travel - Continuous travel of 24 hours or more away from official headquarters
      2. Class B travel - Continuous travel of less than 24 hours which involves overnight absence from official headquarters
      3. Class C travel - Travel for short or day trips where the traveler is not away from his/her official headquarters overnight

The traveler’s official headquarters is the campus, center or site where regularly stationed/assigned. 

    1. Authorized reimbursements
      1. Class A and B travel authorized travelers shall be provided either of the following for each day of necessary travel at the option of the traveler in addition to authorized transportation expenses:
        1. $80 per diem for meals/lodging.
        2. If actual expenses exceed $80, actual lodging expenses at a single occupancy rate plus meal allowances.  Meal allowances for travel are: breakfast, $6; lunch, $11; dinner, $19.

          Travelers are not expected to have to travel before 6 a.m. or after 10 p.m. to reach either their headquarters or their destination.  If travel to the traveler’s headquarters or to a destination can be accomplished within these timeframes, then the reimbursements for lodging and meals are not authorized.   Exceptions can be authorized by a vice president or the president.
      2. Meals for Class C will be reimbursed when travel extends beyond the college’s three county service district.
      3. A traveler who becomes sick or injured while away from his or her official headquarters and is therefore unable to perform the official business of the college may continue to receive reimbursement until such time as the traveler is able to perform the official business of the college or the traveler returns to their official headquarters.  Additional expense to isolate a sick traveler may be incurred when the sick traveler has an ailment that is not conducive to sharing accommodation with another college traveler.
      4. Mileage - $0.445 per mile or rental car/expenses (whichever is less).
      5. Incidentals – Actual and necessary fees for attending events which enhance the public purpose of the agency which are not covered in other fees.  Receipts must be filed for these expenses and some examples are identified in the following list.
        1. Taxi fares
        2. Ferry, bridge, tunnel and road tolls*
        3. Storage or parking fee*, reimbursement for parking is limited to the cheapest option available by the airport or hotel 

          *For those travelers who use SUNPASS to pay tolls or airport parking, a copy of the charges from the traveler’s account matching travel voucher dates can constitute a receipt. 
        4. Work-related essential telephone calls and/or Internet access, justification required
        5. Registration fees
        6. Coach fares on commercial aircraft**

          ** More than one checked bag (less than 50 pounds) will not be reimbursed unless the length of travel extends beyond one week, the traveler is a presenter needing to transport presentation materials or another reason that is clearly documented in the travel voucher and approved by the traveler’s vice president or the president.
    2. Non-reimbursables
      1. Reimbursement will not be made for Florida sales taxes, tips, valet service (unless the only vehicle parking service available), entertainment or publications.
      2. No reimbursement will be issued for any meals or lodging included in a registration fee paid by the college.  Where a registration fee is being claimed, a certification will be required to the effect that it does not include meals or lodging provided by the fee.  This is typically done through submission of a detailed agenda of the event.
      3. No reimbursement will be paid to a traveler to attend a meeting when the only purpose of attendance is to receive an award.
      4. No reimbursement will be paid to a traveler for activities related to or involving travel to a “terrorist state” under any circumstances.  A “terrorist state” is defined as any state, country, or nation designated by the United States Department of State as a state sponsor of terrorism.
    3. In-district travel
      1. Claims for in-district travel reimbursement will itemize each separate trip and will include the college purpose of each trip.
      2. In-district travel during duty hours will be paid only from the official headquarters location to the assigned destination and return.  An employee’s headquarters should be an employee’s primary work location as determined by his or her supervisor.  An employee’s headquarters may change as college needs for personnel services change.  Should an employee not return to headquarters after traveling to an assigned location, the employee can only be reimbursed for the lesser of the mileage between the assigned location and headquarters versus the mileage between the assigned location and their residence.  This must be documented on the Voucher for Reimbursement.
      3. Travel between the home and headquarters location will not be reimbursed.
      4. Travel to meetings of civic organizations and other groups will only be reimbursed when an employee is officially representing the college as part of an assigned duty or representing the college as a guest presenter.
    4. Economy of travel
      1. All unnecessary travel shall be avoided.
      2. Necessary travel should be planned to seek the most economical means of travel available to the traveler(s) that is practical and safe to accomplish.   The items in the following list should be considered when attempting to economize travel.
        1. When several employees or students are traveling to the same destination, car-pooling is encouraged to the extent practical.  The use of a college van is also encouraged if one is available.
        2. When traveling by car to a destination more than 250 miles from one’s headquarters, the traveler should determine if it wouldn’t be more cost effective to rent a car or seek a form of public transportation rather than to drive and seek reimbursement for mileage.
    5. Calculation of reimbursement
      1. To receive reimbursement for meals, the travel must involve absence during the entire periods indicated:
        1. Breakfast:  Before 6 a.m. and extending beyond 8 a.m.
        2. Lunch:  Before 12 noon and extending beyond 2 p.m.
        3. Dinner:  Before 6 p.m. and extending beyond 8 p.m.
      2. Mileage at the established rate will be computed from the shorter of the distance between the assigned work location and point of departure to the destination based upon distances shown by the college’s official highway mileage chart or a current map of the Department of Transportation, where possible.  Mileage based on odometer readings will be accepted where official mileage figures are not available. Mileage based on the mileage between two points from nationally recognized mileage/map program (e.g., MapQuest, Yahoo, etc.) is also acceptable when based on the shortest route.
      3. Reasonable vicinity mileage will be reimbursed when it is necessary for the purpose of the travel.  Vicinity mileage will be shown as a separate item on the expense voucher.  The attached mileage chart identifies mileage between some frequently traveled locations.
      4. The traveler shall be reimbursed one-fourth of the authorized rate of per diem for each quarter or fraction thereof of the travel day included within the travel period for Class A or B travel if per diem reimbursement is requested.
    6. Documentation of reimbursement request
      1. The traveler should apply for travel reimbursement on a South Florida State College Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel Expense form.  These forms are available in Outlook electronically or in paper form in the Business Office.
      2. Travel expenses must be documented for each day of trip on the travel voucher to provide a daily accounting for expenses.
      3. If a traveler is seeking reimbursement for travel and has also paid items relating to the trip documented on a travel voucher with a college procurement card, all expenses related to the trip must be summarized on one voucher for reimbursement.  The reimbursement request should clearly indicate the charges with a credit clearly indicated on the travel voucher reimbursement form.  Procurement card travel expenditures approved in advance of the voucher for reimbursement will need to indicate the date and purpose of travel so that they can be held and referenced to a travel voucher supported by an agenda.

South Florida State College Official Highway Mileages

Distance from SFSC Highlands Campus to:

Destination Miles
Avon Park Correctional Institute 14
Avon Park High School 3
Avon Park Post Office 3
Crews Center 2
DeSoto Correctional Institute 54
DeSoto Campus 41
DeSoto High School 42
Hardee Campus 26
Hardee High SChool 24
Hendry Correctional Institute 102
Jacaranda 3
Lake Placid Center 24
Lake Placid High School 25
Lorida Center 24
Orlando International Airport 80
Polk State College, Winter Haven Campus 40
Sebring High School 12
Sebring International Airport 18
St Pete International Airport 96
Tampa International Airport 90
Teacherage 9

Distance from SFSC Hardee Campus to:

Destination Miles
Hardee High School                                 7
DeSoto Campus 26

Distance from SFSC Lake Placid Center to:

Destination Miles
DeSoto Campus 39
Lorida Center 21
Lake Placid High School                             1

Distance from DeSoto Center to:

Destination Miles
DeSoto High School                                   1

History: Last Revised: 8/28/2012

Adopted: 9/18/1990


Revised: 2/17/95, 7/22/95, 2/6/02, 3/7/06, 7/1/06, 2/20/07, 6/17/08, 9/29/09, 3/20/12, 8/28/2012