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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 3330

Title: Student Process for Recommending Institutional Changes

Based on Policy: 3.33 - Control and Discipline of Students

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services/ Student Services

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for and to ensure the right of students to propose changes at the college and to protest peacefully
  2. Procedure:
    1. Initiating changes at the college
      1. Any student or group of students with an idea or request for improvement in the regulations and conditions governing student life at South Florida State College (SFSC) must initially present the idea or request to the Student Government Association (SGA).  The SGA will evaluate the proposal and, through the SGA advisor(s) and designated representatives, make suggestions and recommendations to an appropriate member of the college staff for consideration and action.
      2. If this process does not result in a mutually acceptable conclusion, the student or group of students can request that the proposal be reviewed in the following order by:
        1. The Learning and Student Success Committee
        2. The vice president for educational and student services
        3. The president of the college
        4. The SFSC District Board of Trustees
      3. At any step in this process, these persons or groups may request a recommendation from the dean, student services of the college.
    2. Student protest
      1. Protest is a vehicle by which a person or group demonstrates objection to or disagreement with the action, lack of action, or statements by another person or group of persons.  Protest may result from students desiring to retain their identities, to realize their potential, or to express their concerns for the education system or society.
      2. Any student or group of students wishing to organize protest action should file a written agenda (when? where? how? why?) of the events with the dean, student services.
      3. Protests shall be civil in nature and shall not obstruct the rights or needs of other students or employees of the college.
      4. All protests must be kept within the previously stated guidelines ensuring the rights of all citizens, for the college has a responsibility to ensure the rights of all those within its confines.

History: Last Reviewed: 4/25/12

Adopted: 8/27/1984

Reviewed: 4/25/12

Revised: 2/24/92, 1/21/02, 12/13/06