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Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 3283

Title: Scheduling Student Activities

Based on Policy: 3.28 - Student Activities

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services

  1. Purpose:

To insure proper approval of all activities sponsored in the name of the college or sponsored by an approved college organization

  1. Procedure:
    1. To schedule a student activity or event, the organization or activity chairperson must submit the official Student Activity Request form, which may be obtained in the Student Government Association (SGA) Office, SGA advisor’s office, or the official SGA Web page.
    2. The completed request form, approved and signed by the club advisor, must be submitted to dean, student services for initial screening and preliminary approval, preferably one month prior to the activity, but no less than two weeks prior to the event.  Activity requests signed by the dean, student services must then be submitted to the coordinator, student activities for consideration by the SGA.  Activity requests submitted fewer than two weeks prior to the event may not receive consideration from the SGA.  With preliminary approval, the organization should proceed with the following:
      1. The Community Relations and Marketing Department should be contacted to check the proposed date with the college calendar.
      2. If special college facilities and/or equipment are required, the sponsoring organization or club should first verify the availability of the facility and/or equipment by contacting the appropriate college department or personnel.
    1. The Student Activity Request form must be submitted to the SGA for approval/disapproval. It will be forwarded to the advisor of the SGA who will notify the organization or club of the approval/disapproval.  Organizations planning on-campus events should forward a copy of the approved Student Activity Request to the Community Relations and Marketing Department for inclusion on the college calendar.

History: Last Revised: 5/01/12

Adopted: 8/27/1984


Revised: 2/24/92, 1/21/02, 7/19/05, 5/20/08, 5/01/12