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Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 3234

Title: Student Work Study Employees

Based on Policy: 3.23 - Student Financial Aid and Fee Waivers

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services

  1. Purpose:

To establish processes for the employment of students in work-study positions

  1. Overview:

A work-study position is an employment opportunity created to benefit students by providing financial assistance and career training.  Although a work-study position may enhance a department or program operations, it may not be utilized to fill a regularly established position.

    1. General information
      1. To be eligible for the work-study program, a student must be registered in a qualified program for at least the equivalent of a half-time student (a minimum of six hours during fall and spring terms and six hours during the combined Summer A and B terms).
      2. The hourly wage for work-study positions shall be at least equal to the federal minimum wage and is exempt from FICA and FRS contribution requirements.
      3. Work-study positions are approved for up to 20 hours per week.  Scheduling of work-study students is flexible so as not to interfere with educational pursuits.
      4. Work-study positions are part-time, term-by-term positions.
      5. Continued employment as a work-study student is contingent upon continued enrollment, funding, satisfactory performance, and eligibility.
      6. Students employed in the work-study program are not eligible for college employee benefits and are exempt from social security taxes.
      7. Work-study positions are assigned by the Career Development Center (CDC).
      8. Hiring of work-study students is managed by the Human Resources Department (HR) and must be completed prior to commencing the work assignment.
      9. Work-study students are supervised by the area in which they are employed.  The CDC should be notified if there are any work-related problems.
    2. Types of awards

      South Florida State College will award a limited number of work-study positions to students.  Work-study positions are approved and assigned by the Financial Aid Office (FAO) and the CDC.
      1. Federal work-study

        Federal work-study funds will be available only to those students who have demonstrated financial need.  Eligible students, who qualify for federal assistance, as determined by the FAO, will be given preference for placement in the work-study program.  The FAO is responsible for tracking federal work-study awards.
      2. Internal work-study

        The college will provide limited funding for the internal work-study program on an annual basis, contingent upon budget availability.  Eligible students who do not meet the criteria for federal assistance may be placed in the internal work-study program subject to proven need and available internal funding.  Internal work-study funds will be available to students who possess special skills or training needed by the college.  Internal work positions are limited to 12 hours per week or 48 hours per month.
      3. Other

        Work-study positions may also be funded by grants and other special funding.  Rules for these work-study positions are governed by grantor terms and conditions in addition to the procedures outlined below.

III.  Procedure:

    1. At least six weeks prior to the start of fall term, the CDC will solicit work-study requests from faculty and administrators for the ensuing academic year.  Position allocations will be prioritized based on college need.
    2. During registration and financial award processing periods the CDC will identify students interested in work-study assignments and the FAO verify that work assignment will not cause an over award of federal student aid.
    3. The CDC will attempt to match eligible students with skill sets listed on the Work-study Request form and prepare them for campus employment.  Candidates who meet eligibility requirements for federal assistance will be placed first.  Internal work-study will be placed second, pending verification of available funding from HR.
    4. After a student is matched with an approved position (whether federal or internal) a Work-study Assignment form will be generated by the FAO.  A copy of the completed form will be maintained in the FAO and the original sent to HR via the student to initiate the employment process.  When the employment process is completed, a copy of the work-study assignment form will be forwarded to the student’s supervisor indicating that the student may begin work.
    5. The FAO will also generate a monthly timesheet for the student indicating the student’s class schedule.  Supervisors may not permit nor require students to work during their scheduled class time.  Timesheets are to be signed by the supervisor and forwarded to the appropriate payroll liaison in a timely manner.
    6. All work-study students must complete the required employment process prior to commencing their work assignment.
    7. All work-study students must be re-qualified each term by the FAO and be re-employed by HR.
    8. If any work-study student is dismissed for excessive absenteeism, failure to perform, or any other incidents which may form the basis for dismissal, a termination notice must be submitted by the student’s supervisor to the FAO with a copy to HR.
    9. HR is responsible for tracking the budget allocation for internal work-study awards.

History: Last Revised: 10/02/12

Adopted: 6/25/1991


Revised: 1/22/02, 6/1/05, 5/20/08, 3/23/10, 10/02/12