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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 3111

Title: Evaluating Regionally Accredited Institutional Credit

Based on Policy: 3.11 - Evaluation of Transfer and Accelerated Learning Credit

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services/ Registrar

  1. Purpose:

To evaluate credit of students transferring from regionally accredited institutions

  1. Procedure:

All incoming transfer credit is evaluated by the Registrar based on several criteria:

    1. Credits earned at other colleges or universities accredited by regionally accrediting associations will be accepted by South Florida State College (SFSC) and placed on the transcript.  All course credits are placed on the SFSC transcript except grades of W, F, I, U, and N.
    2. Students may be required to take a college placement test appropriate to their program of study regardless of the courses they may have taken at the transferring institution.
    3. Students who have been denied credit may take the course at SFSC or may take a CLEP examination or a comprehensive department examination for each subject area in which they were denied.
    4. Students may appeal the denial of transfer credits by written request to the dean, student services.

History: Revised: 10/14/14

Adopted: 11/3/2009


Revised: 10/4/11, 4/03/12, 10/14/14