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Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 3100

Title: Instructor Withdrawal of Students from Classes

Based on Policy: 3.10 - Academic Progress

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services/Student Services

  1. Purpose:

To establish a process for the withdrawl of students by instructors for academic and attendance reasons

  1. Procedure:
    1. Withdrawal for academic reasons
      1. A withdrawal for academic reasons may be issued by the instructor up to the last date for withdrawal specified in the SFSC academic calendar.  Exception: Students enrolled in a course for the third time are not to be withdrawn. A grade must be assigned.
      2. To withdraw students for academic reasons, the instructor must complete and submit an Academic Progress Report form to the Office of the Registrar.  On the form, faculty will designate whether this is (1) a warning notice, (2) a request to withdraw with a grade of “W”, or (3) notification of a failing grade.
      3. If the request is for a warning notice, the Office of the Registrar will notify the student that he/she is in danger of failing or being withdrawn from the course for lack of academic progress and will request that the student meet with the appropriate instructor as soon as possible. A warning notice, sent to a student in his/her third attempt, will indicate that he/she will receive a grade for the course and is not permitted to withdraw from the course.
    2. Withdrawal for lack of attendance
      1. The instructor has the authority to withdraw a student for lack of attendance up to the last date for withdrawal specified in the SFSC academic calendar provided it is not the student's third attempt.
      2. Attendance expectations should be clearly specified in the course syllabus and covered by the instructor during the first week of class in a format appropriate to the class (written, oral, electronic).  College credit and clock hour programs differ in the amount of time a student must attend in order not to be dropped from the class.
      3. An instructor may withdraw a student for lack of attendance in the following ways:
        1. A student not attending classes during the first and second weeks of classes should be reported to the Office of the Registrar as a 'No Show.' 
        2. At the mid-term period, the instructor must indicate whether or not the student is regularly attending classes.  If the student is not attending classes at mid-term he/she should be reported to the Office of the Registrar as ‘Not Attending.’  The Registrar will withdraw the student from the class with a final grade of W. 
        3. If the student ceases to attend class after the last day to withdraw with a W, faculty should award the grade of F by submitting a Class Absence Report form to the Office of the Registrar.
        4. For those faculty teaching online or hybrid courses, the eLearning Department will be notified by the Registrar to remove students from access to the D2L course.
        5. If extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control occur after the withdrawal date, a student may petition the Academic Appeals Committee to request a withdrawal from the class with a grade of W.
    3. Adult education attendance
      1. An adult education student enrolled in the ABE, GED, or ESOL program will be withdrawn from his/her class for non-attendance; the standard for non-attendance will be six or more consecutive absences.
      2. The withdrawl date for non-attendance will be reported on the day after the last date of attendance.
      3. Students withdrawn due to non-attendance may file an appeal with the director, adult education.  Appropriate documentation verifying the extenuating circumstance must accompany the appeal.

History: Last Revised: 3/4/14

Adopted: 8/27/1984

Reviewed: 5/20/08

Revised: 1/21/02, 6/1/05, 10/6/09, 7/10/12, 3/4/14