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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 2150

Title: College Record Retention and Disposal of College Records

Based on Policy: 2.15 - Safekeeping, Reproduction, and Destruction of Records

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

To establish timeframes to maintain college records, provide a procedure for the disposal of college records and designate the college’s Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO)

  1. Procedure:
    1. College records
      1. College records can be paper-based or electronic.  Each area administrator should develop procedures for file creation, storage and disposal so that records are available until their administrative value becomes null.  Administrators may keep records longer than the timeframes identified on the records schedule identified in B.1.
      2. The RMLO is the college controller.
      3. During the development of new records systems, the RMLO should be notified to insure that the system will meet the state’s requirements for records management.
    2. Basis for retention
      1. The college will, at a minimum, keep records for the retention periods identified in the State of Florida, General Records Schedule GS5 for Universities and Community Colleges and GS1 for State and Local GFovernment Agencies.  These schedules can be found at:
      2. Retention periods are for the record (master) copy only which is defined as the public record specifically designated by the custodian as the official record. 
      3. To ensure that one does not mistakenly destroy the master copy, all destruction of records is to be approved by the responsible dean and the RMLO in advance.  Record (master) copies should not be kept by individuals electronically on their PCs, personal U drives or any other individualized electronic location only.
    3. Authorization
      1. Approval for college personnel to dispose of record (master) copies of college records must be done in advance to the college RMLO after approval is given by the area administrator.
    4. Retention Destruction Request form
      1. To facilitate the request and approval of records to be destroyed, employees are asked to fill out the Retention Destruction Request form which is located in the Forms Tab of Panther Central.
      2. The form should be signed by the requestor as well as the responsible dean prior to being forwarded to the RMLO.  If approved, the RMLO will sign it and return it to the requestor.
      3. Physical records approved for destruction can be forwarded to the cashier’s office with the approved format for disposal and shredding.  Electronic records approved for destruction can be deleted upon approval.

History: Last Revised 12/3/13

Adopted: 9/1/1992

Reviewed: 5/01/12

Revised: 10/30/01, 6/01/05, 10/14/08, 12/3/13