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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 2110

Title: Posted Advertisements

Based on Policy: 2.11 - Advertisements Posted on Bulletin Boards and Distribution of Signs, Handbills, and Advertising

Office of Primary Responsibility: President's Office/ Community Relations and Marketing

  1. Purpose:

To provide guidelines for the approval of the advertisements or promotional materials to be posted at the college in locations such as, but not exclusive of, the open bulletin boards, Web pages, network or digital signs

  1. Procedure:
    1. Any advertisement or promotional materials to be posted on the open bulletin boards must be approved by the Community Relations and Marketing Department.
    2. Members of the department are required to provide approval by signing and dating the advertisement or promotional materials in a conspicuous location.
    3. Items requested to be placed on bulletin boards will be refused if they:
      1. Encourage or promote academic dishonesty, e.g., selling research papers
      2. Do not meet the aesthetic and quality standards set forth by the college
      3. Are discriminatory, inflammatory, or potentially disruptive in nature
      4. Are in conflict with the South Florida State College Freedom of Expression policy/procedure 
    1. Any advertisement or promotional material placed on the board(s) without the stamp approval of the Community Relations and Marketing Department will be removed.

History: Last Revised: 9/7/10

Adopted: 8/27/1984

Reviewed: 1/13/05

Revised: 8/1/89, 1/21/02, 4/29/08, 9/7/10