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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 2065

Title: Circulation by Library Services of Educational Materials

Based on Policy: 2.06 - General Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the President

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services/ Learning Resource Center

  1. Purpose:

To provide for the circulation of educational materials to faculty, staff and/or students of South Florida State College and other qualified borrowers

  1. Procedure:
    1. Loan of educational materials takes place at the Highlands campus. Educational materials are also available for circulation at the DeSoto and Hardee campuses and Lake Placid center.
    2. Specific details employed to accomplish the above can be found by contacting the staff of the Highlands campus Library.

History: Last Reviewed: 3/27/12

Adopted: 5/17/1985

Reviewed: 3/27/12

Revised: 8/1/89, 1/21/02, 6/1/05, 5/20/08