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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 4120

Title: Outstanding Debt

Based on Policy: 4.12 - Bad Checks and Outstanding Debts

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President ofr Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for the handling of accounts receivable at the college
  2. Procedure:
    1. Regardless of the type of debtor to the college, three notices will be sent to clearly identify to the debtor that a debt is owed.  Each notice will strengthen in tone its collection effort.  During the time of enrollment, the notice may be electronic to a student.  If a debt remains unpaid after the period of enrollment, then notices up to three will be sent via US mail. 
    2. SFSC Administrative Procedure 2022 establishes that student fees are due when registered or on the established due date.  Students not paying fees by the drop/add date are dropped for non-payment unless they are on an approved deferral of fees.   As a result, the only student debt related to tuition that will generally arise will be related to those students whose third-party pay arrangement or financial aid did not work out as anticipated. 
    3. Other student receivables will arise from actions the students might take to incur additional fees (library fines, parking fines, graduation fees, etc.) at the institution or because they dropped out mid semester and need to re-pay a portion of their financial aid.
    4. Any debtor owing the college a debt will be barred from receiving additional services until such time that the debt is satisfied.  For instance, a student will be barred from taking any additional classes or receiving transcripts or a facility renter will be barred from another rental without finalizing payment on any previous rental.
    5. A student who owes a debt to the college may register for a continuing workforce education or continuing education class when their fees are paid in full in advance. 
    6. Accounts receivables arising from contractual arrangements of the college occur and are generally paid in full within a fiscal year period. At least three written notices will be sent to attempt collection of amounts owed.
    7. All accounts receivable of any type will be evaluated annually and amounts that are over two years old and deemed to be uncollectible will be presented to the DBOT for consideration to write-off of the college’s accounts receivable as reported in the financial statements.  All amounts owed while written off will still act as a hold barring registration and transcripts until such time as collection is made.

History: Adopted 10/22/2013

Adopted: 10/22/2013