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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 1170

Title: Tobacco-Free College

Based on Policy: 1.17 - Tobacco-Free College

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for the implementation of the Tobacco-Free College policy, including provisions for notification, signage, exceptions, disciplinary consequences, complaint procedures, and enforcement
  2. Procedure:
    1. The Tobacco-Free College policy, effective August 1, 2011, prohibits the use, distribution, or sale of tobacco and objects or devices intended to simulate tobacco in all indoor and exterior areas of each campus, center, and other property (including vehicles) under the control of South Florida State College (SFSC).  This policy applies to everyone, including students, employees, vendors, and visitors when on college property.  Efforts to communicate the policy provisions and to provide educational materials and support include the following:
      1. Permanent signage will be placed at all facilities owned/controlled by the college in a manner consistent with other information signage.  Signs will be posted on existing speed limit posts, on or near entrances to primary buildings with high foot-traffic levels, and on high visibility bulletin boards within buildings.
      2. The college’s website will include pages dedicated to providing current information about these policy provisions, the harmful effects of tobacco use, and helpful information about smoking cessation programs, counseling resources, and support programs.  The website address will be placed on signage and other Tobacco-Free College communications.
      3. Notification of the policy will be provided through press releases, social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), college e-mail, the SFSC Catalog, employee handbooks, student handbooks and orientation materials, invitations to bid, rental agreements, and other materials designed to inform all who engage in activities on SFSC campuses, centers, and sites.
    2. Exceptions to the prohibition of the use of tobacco products and/or simulation devices are approved for laboratory science research and demonstrations, health and safety simulations, and artistic/theatrical performances.  Other exceptions may be granted by the college president upon request.
    3. Compliance and enforcement of the provisions of this policy is the shared responsibility of all college employees and students.  Courtesy, respect, and cooperation are expected.  Disciplinary action and grievances will be processed in accordance with college policies and procedures for violations of policy.  When necessary, students will be referred to the dean of students, employees to the human resources director, and vendors and guests to the vice president for administrative services for counseling and disciplinary action as appropriate.

History: Adopted: 7/26/11

Adopted: 7/26/2011