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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7070

Title: Standard of Sanitation, Housekeeping, and Maintenance

Based on Policy: 7.07 - Standards of Sanitation, Housekeeping, and Maintenance

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    This procedure sets forth the standards for performance in the above mentioned areas.  In general, the major and basic purposes of these standards are:
    1. To provide a suitable physical environment for teaching and learning
    2. To protect the health and safety of both students and employees of this institution
    3. To promote a community pride in our physical facilities and to develop good public relations
    4. To preserve and protect the public’s investment in our physical property
  2. Procedure:

    The following performance standards shall be used in evaluating the services provided in the areas of sanitation, housekeeping, and maintenance.
    1. Sweeping:  Includes brush or dust mop sweeping, without damage or disfigurement of furniture, doors, or base trim.  A properly swept floor is free of all dirt, dust or dust streaks, grit, lint, and debris in all areas.  All furniture shall be replaced to its original position upon completion.
    2. Damp mopping:  Cleaning of floor surfaces using rayon mops, appropriate stain removal agents, unheated water, and detergent if required, using as small amount of water as possible supplemented by dry-cleaning as required for spot removal, and removal of streaks from rubber heels.  A satisfactory damp-mopped floor is without lint and dust, marks, film, streaks, debris, and standing water in all areas.
    3. Spray buffing and floor polishing:  A solution designed to clean and wax shall be sprayed on the floor, and this will be buffed and polished by mechanical polisher.  Buffing and polishing shall be continued until the floor is without marks, film, or streaks.
    4. Touch-up floor finish:  Application of floor finish in heavy traffic areas or where other floor care has removed or disfigured the floor finish already in place.  Touched-up areas will blend in with adjacent areas.  Floor finish will be applied after floor has been spray buffed.
    5. Floor finish removal:  Removal of all floor finish down to the flooring material, using compound especially prepared for this purpose, with brush or stripping pad, or steel wool agitation as required, followed by rinsing with plain water to remove all floor finish, solution, dirt, and film.  Compound shall be kept free of painted surfaces and all other surfaces which might be adversely affected by contact with it.  Floor finish removal has been accomplished when all surfaces have all floor finish removed down to flooring materials, floor is left free of all dirt, stains, deposits, debris, cleaning solution and standing water.  The floor has a uniform appearance when dry.
    6. Primary floor finish:  Application of two coats of floor finish over the entire floor, with thorough polishing after each coat.  The floor will have a uniform sheen without brush marks when completed.
    7. Spot dry cleaning and finishing:  Put small dab of material on a few marks on floor and buff floor with machine and steel wool pad until floor is free of marks and film and blends in with surrounding area.
    8. Mat cleaning:  Clean all dirt-removing mats at entrances and remove all dirt, dust, and other deposits.
    9. Carpet, vacuuming and cleaning:  Mats and carpets when properly vacuumed are free of dirt, dust and debris.  Spots shall be removed from mats and carpets as they appear using a spot remover kit, dry cleaning, dry suds, or spray method.
    10. Policing:  Picking up and removing all paper, trash, empty bottles and other discarded materials and emptying waste receptacles.
    11. Dusting-furniture and equipment:  The horizontal surfaces of all furniture and equipment shall be dusted with a treated cloth or yard duster, operated in continuous contact with them.  The manipulation shall be such as to pick up dust and not to scatter it.  Surfaces shall be free of dirt, dust, lint, oily film, and streaks.
    12. Light fixture cleaning:  After cutting off power, damp-wiping all accessible components of light fixtures.  After damp-wiping, permit to air dry before replacing covers.  Light fixtures are clean when all components are without insects, dirt, lint, film, and streaks.
    13. Chalkboard cleaning:  Chalkboards will be cleaned with a clear eraser.  When cleaned, the surface will have a uniform clean appearance and chalk try clean of chalk dust.
    14. Emptying and cleaning ashtrays and urns:  This work includes emptying all ashtrays, and wiping with cloth as required to remove and prevent deposits.  Properly cleaned ashtrays are free of deposits and cigarette butts.  The waste from ashtrays and urns shall be emptied into containers and removed to outside collection facilities provided for this purpose.  Employees shall exercise necessary precautions to avoid fires.
    15. Emptying waste receptacles:  Empty all waste receptacles and remove trash and paper from building and deposit in collection facilities.  Receptacles shall be empty of trash and paper.
    16. Washing waste receptacles:  Wash receptacles inside and out.  Receptacles are clean of all deposits, dirt streaks and odors after washing.
    17. Replacement of waste receptacle liners:  Liners shall be disposed of when odorous or when appearance is such as to be offensive.
    18. Sanitary napkin receptacles:  Shall be emptied and provided with new paper bag liners daily.
    19. Drinking fountains:  Drinking fountains will be cleaned using detergent or scouring powder, if required.  They are clean when free from stains, streaks, and film.
    20. Furniture, cleaning and polishing:  Formica desk tops and classrooms chairs shall be damp wiped and dried.  Other wood and finished metal surfaces shall receive furniture polish with rubbing as necessary for cleaning, followed by polishing with a clean dry cloth.  All plastic and imitation leather coverings shall be cleaned with detergent solution, followed by wiping with cloth dampened in plain clean water.  Leather coverings shall be thoroughly cleaned with combination cleaner and polish, followed by polishing with a clean dry cloth.  When cleaned or polished, all surfaces shall have a uniform appearance, free of deposits, streaks, or film.
    21. Dusting:  Removal of dust below normal high reach, seven feet, with treated dust cloths or yard duster, manipulated so as to pick up dust, dirt, lint and cobwebs.  A properly dusted surface is free of all dirt, dust, dust streaks, lint, and cobwebs.
    22. High dusting:  Removal of dust from walls, ceiling and other structural components, pipes, equipment and fixtures above normal reach, seven feet from floor, with treated dust cloth, yard duster, or vacuum cleaner.  Surfaces shall be free from dust, cobwebs, dirt, lint, and streaks.
    23. Cleaning outside doors and trim:  Cleaning outside doors and adjacent trim shall consist of scrubbing all surfaces with detergent solution, followed by clean water rinse.  Doors and trip when properly cleaned are free from dirt, deposits, films, and have a uniform appearance.
    24. Spot cleaning walls, partitions, doors, trim:  A damp cloth with detergent, if necessary, shall be used to remove spots.  All walls, doors, door trim, baseboards and other surfaces shall have dirt, stains, heel marks, hand prints and other disfigurements removed.  Areas cleaned by spot removal shall be left in condition of surrounding areas.
    25. Window washing:  Interior and exterior surfaces, frames and sills shall be cleaned.  Windows will be free of dirt, dust, and film.
    26. Cleaning glass surfaces:  This includes glass in panels, doors, signs, mirrors, counters, and pictures.  Both sides will be cleaned where applicable.  Plain water or cleaning solutions prepared for this purpose shall be used.  Scouring powders shall not be used.  Adjacent trim shall be wiped clean with damp cloth and floors cleaned of any droppings.  Glass is clean when all accessible glass surfaces are without streaks, film, deposits, fingerprints, and stains, and has a uniformly bright appearance.
    27. Metal cleaning:  When cleaned all surfaces are without deposits or tarnish, and with uniformly bright appearance.  Cleaner will be removed from adjacent surfaces.
    28. Plumbing fixture and dispenser cleaning:  This includes water closets, urinals, sinks, soap trays, or dispensers and paper dispensers.  Scouring powder may be used on plumbing fixtures or ceramic tile to remove stubborn stains or deposits.  A toilet bowl cleaner may be used for water closets and urinals if required.  Fixtures and dispensers are clean when free from deposits, stains, films, odors and dispensers replenished.  Includes refilling towel, tissue and soap containers.
    29. Cleaning tile, etc.:  Cleaning all tile and toilet stall partitions and doors.  Cleaning will be accomplished with detergent solution and sponge followed by plain water rinse and drying with clean cloth.  Abrasive cleaners will not be used on painted or resilient surfaces.  All spillage or markings of adjacent surfaces shall be wiped clean with damp cloth.
    30. Spot cleaning tile, etc.:  A surface spot cleaned is free of all stains, deposits, and is substantially free of cleaning marks.

DESCRIPTION               FREQUENCY        PROCEDURE        STANDARD                   

Resilient Floor                 Daily                     Dust Mop              13 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


                                      Monthly                 Damp Mop             28 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.

                                      ____________                                                              _____

                                                                   Spray Buff             42 min. - 1,000 sq. ft

                                      ___________                                                                _____

                                      Annually                Strip & Reseal        265 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


Desks                             Weekly                  Dust                      23 sec. each


Chairs                                      Daily                     Dust                      23 sec. each


                                      Monthly                 Damp Wipe            44 sec. each


Upholstered Chair           Daily                     Whisk Broom         1.5 min. each


Naugahyde Chair            Daily                     Dust                      22 sec. each


                                      Monthly                 Damp Wipe            44 sec. each


Fire Extinguisher             Daily                     Dust                      16 sec. each


Windows                         Monthly                 Clean                    7.5 sec. sq. ft.


Telephones                     Daily                     Wipe and Dust      9 sec. each


Glass Doors                    Monthly                 Wash                    8 sec. sq. ft.




DESCRIPTION               FREQUENCY        PROCEDURE        STANDARD                   

Paneling                         Monthly                 Dust                      2.0 sec. sq. ft.


                                    Annually                Damp Wipe/ Polish 9 sec. sq. ft.


Drapery                          Annually                Vacuum                 5.0 sec. sq. ft.


Vinyl Wall Paper              Monthly                 Spot Clean            5 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


                                      Annually                Wash                    9 sec. sq. ft.


Liquid Vending Machine    Daily                     Damp Wipe            9 sec. sq. ft.


Solid Vending Machine      Daily                     Dust                      1 min. each


Divan                              Daily                     Whisk Broom         150 sec.


Fountain                         Daily                     Clean                    90 sec.


Rest Room                      Daily                     Sanitize                 4 min. per fixture


Table: Large                    Daily                     Dust                      22 sec. small; 44 sec.                                                  

                                      Monthly                 Damp Wipe            44 sec. small; 88 sec.

 Conference Table            Daily                     Dust                      1.50 min. each item

                                      Monthly                 Damp Polish          3 min. each item



DESCRIPTION               FREQUENCY        PROCEDURE        STANDARD                   

Ash Trays                        Daily                     Empty & Wipe        15 sec. each


File Cabinet                     Weekly                  Dust                      25 sec. each


Waste Receptacle            Daily                     Empty & Clean      16 sec. each


Wall-Off-Mats                 Daily                     Vacuum                 22 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


                                      Annually                Shampoo               300 min. 1,000 sq. ft.


Credenzas                      Weekly                  Dust                      11 sec. each


Terrazzo                          Daily                     Dust-Mop              13 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


                                      Weekly                  Buff                      15 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


Wall Carpet                     Semi-Annually       Vacuum                 22 min. - 1,000 sq. ft.


Venetian Blinds               Monthly                 Dust                      210 Sec. each



History: Last Reviewed: 1/31/08

Adopted: 8/15/1989

Reviewed: 1/31/05, 1/31/08

Revised: 1/22/02