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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7060

Title: Contingency Plan for Disorders

Based on Policy: 7.06 - National Disasters and Civil Disorders

Office of Primary Responsibility: President’s Office

  1. Purpose:

    To provide a contingency plan for responding to disorders. 

    The following procedure is designed to enable South Florida State College (SFSC) to protect the members of the college community - students, faculty, staff members - from unauthorized or disorderly assemblies or other disruptive or destructive actions.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Decision-making personnel
      1. The president of SFSC has final authority and responsibility.
      2. The president or designee will be responsible for the following:
        1. For securing the college buildings and equipment.
        2. For transporting injured persons to adequate shelter to await proper medical attention or for transporting injured persons to a designated medical facility.
        3. For securing the financial and personnel records of the college.
        4. For ensuring the safety of all employees and students.
      3. The appropriate vice presidents/deans/directors will make all decisions regarding the faculty, secretaries, faculty offices, faculty storerooms, faculty and staff records, and instructional equipment for his/her area of responsibility.
      4. The dean, student services will make all decisions with regard to the student development professional and career staff, the Admissions and Records Office, counselor offices, all student records and reports, and other materials or equipment under his supervision.
      5. The department chairs will have responsibility for all personnel under their jurisdiction and for equipment, storeroom, and other areas under their supervision.
    2. Control center

      The President’s Office will serve as the primary control center with the Dean, Student Services' Office the secondary location.
    3. Lines of communication

      The primary lines of communication in the event of a disturbance are the telephones.  Upon the declaration of a disturbance by the president or designee, all information that the securing actions have been completed will be called into the control center by the responsible administrator.  If the telephone system is rendered unusable, then a messenger for each decision-maker should be designated.  The messenger will carry pertinent information to the control center.
    4. Procedures to be initiated simultaneously
      1. Decision-making personnel procedures
        1. Move to the control center immediately
        2. The president (the designee in the absence of the president):
          1. Notifies the chairman of SFSC District Board Of Trustees
          2. Alerts for holding action:
            1. Highlands County Sheriff’s Office
            2. State police
            3. Avon Park fire department
            4. Florida Hospital Heartland
            5. If appropriate, the local office of the FBI
          3. Notifies the college attorney
        3. In order of responsibility and authority, the vice presidents, the deans/directors, and  the department chairmen will take the following action:
          1. If an unauthorized assembly appears to be a demonstration related to grievances, the group is first advised that orderly procedures for the hearing of grievances have been and are available upon request with due notification, but that college officials will not negotiate under conditions of duress.
          2. If an unauthorized assembly is not connected with grievances and once step D.1.a. above has been accomplished:
            1. Ask the group to disband
            2. Notify those involved that they are trespassing in violation of Florida law and therefore are forbidden to remain
            3. Order the group to disband immediately or face legal action (allow 30 minutes to disband)
            4. Call state police or Sheriff’s Office and refer charges of violation of Florida law and request the arrest of those involved
          3. Preliminary security measures will be taken when the president (or designee in the president's absence) alerts local civic authorities for their holding actions.
          4. An announcement by the president or designee in the absence of the president to secure the college will be notification of the following action:
            1. All personnel files and records (students, staff, and faculty, etc.) will be secured and locked.
            2. The designee will secure the campus.
            3. The department chairs will secure all rooms under their supervision which may contain pilferable items.
          5. Supplementary procedures will be taken when in the judgment of the president or designee it appears that participants of the disturbance may obtain access to the building.  College personnel will remain on the campus unless otherwise instructed by the president or designee to evacuate the premises because of danger to life or limb.
          6. When the college has been secured:
            1. Call the control center when the following action has been completed:
              1. All student records and current registration books have been secured.
              2. The campus is secured and a faculty member is stationed at each door for authorized personnel.
            2. The dean, student services will maintain a checklist to insure action has been taken in the above areas of responsibility.  Attachment #1 is to be used as a guide for the checklist.
          7. The media center personnel will undertake the responsibility of photographic coverage of all phases of the disorder.  This coverage could be important for later purposes of identification and evidence.
          8. Supplementary procedures on as required basis
            1. Medical care - in the event of injury to any person, the Highlands county emergency medical services will be called to assist in the transportation of the injured party to the nearest hospital.
            2. Fire - fire extinguishers located strategically throughout the campus will be utilized to control fires that can be locally contained.  If the fires appear to have the possibility of gaining major proportions, the Avon Park fire department will be called.
            3. The State police and/or the Sheriff’s Office will be asked to arrange for movement of arrested persons.
            4. For urgent situations, the department chairs will be informed by telephone or messenger and will, in turn, notify their faculty and classified employees as to their responsibilities and actions in the event of a serious disorder.
            5. If the disorder continues over a lengthy period of time, arrangements will be made to furnish food to the personnel remaining in the building.  State police and/or the Sheriff’s Office will be asked to escort or deliver the necessary provisions.
            6. Only protective physical action should be taken by members of the faculty, staff, or administration.
            7. College staff are not obligated to leave a building if requested to do so by demonstrators or militant groups.
            8. Representatives of the news media will be directed to the district board room for the dissemination and handling of news releases.

History: Last Reviewed: 2/28/05

Adopted: 8/18/1989

Reviewed: 2/28/05

Revised: 2/6/02