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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7052

Title: Catering Procedure

Based on Policy: 7.05 - Use of Facilities

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services/Controller

  1. Purpose: 

    To establish a procedure for individuals, departments and groups to request catering for college functions
  2. Procedure:
    1. Requesting catering services
      1. After reserving a room or location for the time and date of your event, per SFSC Administrative Procedure 7050, the food service manager as indicated in the table below should be contacted immediately.

        Food Service Provider Foodservice Manager
        Cafeteria Cafeteria Manager
        Culinary Arts Class Culinarts Arts Instructor
        Hotel Jacaranda Restaurant Hotel Chef


      1. The menu must be planned in consultation with the respective food service manager.  The requestor should then complete the Catering Request form with the menu and event information.  An electronic version of the form is available in the forms folder of Outlook.
        1. The cafeteria manager and the cost center manager paying for the catering services need to sign the form after agreeing on price and services.
        2. If a billing arrangement is to be established, the college employee who makes the arrangement needs to detail the arrangement in the appropriate space on the form and sign.  Catering services are taxable so tax needs to be added to the price quoted by the cafeteria for entities unable to provide a sales tax exemption.
        3. The form must be approved by the controller or designee in the Business Office to verify that funds are available for the catering service and that the catering is allowable to source of funds paying for the service.  Once approved, copies of the food service request will be forwarded to the appropriate food service manager and the requestor.
      2. Food service managers are only authorized to perform catering when a copy of the Catering Request form is returned to them with a Business Office approval so that they can be assured of payment.
      3. An attached college e-mail indicating a specific approval of a catering request can be a valid substitute for signature on the form.
    2. Catering considerations
      1. Food service managers should be given seven to ten business days when planning a catering service.  Late requests will likely cost more as managers may not have time to seek the lowest cost food products and labor.
      2. Catering requestors are responsible to notify the foodservice manager within five to seven business days of any changes to the estimated numbers for an event.
      3. Costs borne by foodservice managers when events are cancelled without appropriate notice may be charged to the requestor’s cost center. 
      4. Equipment lost or damaged by event participants will be added to the cost of the catering service.

History: Reviewed: 5/01/12

Adopted: 12/16/2008

Reviewed: 5/01/12