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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7040

Title: Rental of Supplemental Facilities or other Facilities to be Used by the College

Based on Policy: 7.04 - Rental of Facilities

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To provide additional off-campus facilities when needed for the operation of college related functions
  2. Procedure:
    1. When additional off-campus facilities are needed, the respective dean or director will submit a written request to the vice president for administrative services (VPAS).  The request will indicate the facilities to be rented, the purpose of the rental, rental charges, and dates, times, and equipment needed.
    2. The VPAS will negotiate with the appropriate agencies for the rental of the facilities.
    3. The president will recommend such agreements/contracts to the South Florida State College District Board of Trustees (DBOT) for approval.
    4. Upon DBOT approval, the agreements/contracts will be signed and sealed and returned to the VPAS for agency signatures and filing.

History: Last Reviewed: 5/01/12

Adopted: 5/17/1985

Reviewed: 1/31/05, 1/31/08, 5/01/12

Revised: 1/22/02