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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7032

Title: Emergency Evacuation

Based on Policy: 7.03 - Safety and Traffic Control

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/Physical Plant Operations and Maintenance

  1. Purpose:

    To provide information to instructors regarding emergency evacuation procedures in order to insure the safety of students and staff in case of fire
  2. Procedure:
    1. The director, physical plant operations and maintenance is assigned responsibility for safety and security at all college locations.
      1. The Maintenance Department staff may conduct an emergency evacuation drill at unannounced times during the year as required by the local or state fire marshall.
      2. Evacuation drills may be held on a college-wide basis or on an individual building basis.
      3. Evacuation drill reports shall be kept on file in the physical plant operations and maintenance office.
      4. Any serious hazards to life shall be reported to the director, physical plant operations and maintenance for immediate correction.
      5. In case of actual fire or related emergency, the switchboard operator shall be notified and he/she will notify the fire department. If after hours or on weekends/holidays, the security guard should be notified and he/she will notify the proper authorities.
    2. The instructor or instructors shall be responsible for their individual shops, classrooms, or buildings.

      Where there is more than one instructor in a shop, classroom, or building, the responsibility may be divided.  Where a building is occupied by more than one class or shop, it is the duty of the instructors, together with their supervisor, to plan for the entire building.  Responsibilities will be as follows:
      1. To know the location of and the operation of the fire alarm control for the building in which they are located
      2. To determine what exits and alternate exits shall be used to evacuate their building
      3. To designate an outside assembly area to be used for their students
      4. To know the location of each fire extinguisher and the type of extinguisher to use on various type fires
      5. To check restrooms or other isolated rooms in their building for occupancy
      6. In case of actual fire, to notify the appropriate personnel who will, in turn, notify the fire department
      7. To be sure that all students under their supervision are familiar with the evacuation plan, and know what to do and where to go in case of a fire drill or actual fire
      8. In the event of an actual fire, to direct students to fire exits and to ensure all students exit safely and remain in the designated outside assembly areas until the "all clear" signal has been sounded
    3. Each such drill shall be documented through the Coordinator’s Safety Check-list and the Evacuation Drill Record.

History: Last Reviewed: 2/28/08

Adopted: 8/1/1989

Reviewed: 2/28/05, 2/28/08

Revised: 2/6/02