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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7020

Title: Change Orders Affecting Construction Contracts/Final Payment

Based on Policy: 7.02 - Construction Change Orders and Final Payment

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To provide procedures for negotiating unforeseen, but necessary, changes in orders after the award of a construction contract
  2. Procedure:
    1. Change order:
      1. To expedite the change order process and not delay construction in progress, the president or designee may authorize change orders in the name of the South Florida State College District Board of Trustees (DBOT) which:
        1. Involve no change in cost;
        2. Involve a reduction in cost; or
        3. Involve an increase in cost up to the amount established by SBE Administrative Code 6a-14.073.
      2. The change order will be prepared by the architect/engineer and contractor and the proposed change will be supported by accurate cost data, establishing the fair and current market value of the labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals required to accomplish the change, a reasonable increase or decrease to represent the contractor’s profit and overhead, and any change in time of completion of the project.
      3. The architect/engineer must certify that in his/her opinion the prices quoted are fair and reasonable.
      4. Construction change orders shall be reported to the DBOT and entered into the official minutes at the next regular meeting of the DBOT  if the change order exceeds the level established by SBE Code 6A-14.073. Other change orders may be presented at the meeting in which the DBOT accepts the project as complete.
    2. Final payment:

      Per FAC 6A-2.0111 (SREF), Section 4.2(3), the final payment for a DBOT awarded construction project shall not be made until:
      1. The project has been completed;
      2. An occupancy certificate has been issued; and
      3. The district board has accepted the project

History: Last Reviewed: 10/29/07

Adopted: 8/1/1989

Reviewed: 10/29/04, 10/29/07

Revised: 11/30/93, 10/30/01