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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 7011

Title: Contracting Construction Manager Services

Based on Policy: 7.01 - Facilities Planning and Construction

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To provide procedures for contracting construction manager services in compliance with Florida Statute 287.055 and Florida Administrative Code 6A-2.011 (SREF)
  2. Procedure:

    When contracting for construction manager services exceeding thresholds as stated in Florida Statute 287.055, ($250,000 or more for estimated basic construction costs), the following procedures will be adhered to:
    1. Competitive selection
      1. Advertise for construction manager (CM) services in a uniform and consistent manner.
      2. Written notification shall be sent to all CM firms requesting notification.
      3. Upon receipt of Statements of Qualifications, a selection committee comprised of not less than five persons shall evaluate data submitted by the firms.  The committee shall conduct discussions with no less than three firms regarding their qualifications, approach to the project, and ability to furnish the required services.
      4. The committee, using criteria set forth on an evaluation scoring form and point system, shall select no less than three firms, in order of preference, deemed to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services.
      5. The committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the president and the South Florida State College (SFSC) District Board of Trustees for review and approval.
    2. Competitive negotiations
      1. The vice president for administrative services shall negotiate a contract for construction manager services with the most qualified firm, at a price determined by both parties to be fair, competitive, and reasonable.
      2. Should no agreement be reached with the most qualified firm, negotiations with that firm shall be formally terminated.  Negotiations shall then commence with the second most qualified firm, and thereafter, if necessary, with the third and subsequent firms until an agreement is reached.
      3. The negotiated agreement shall be submitted to the president and the SFSC District Board of Trustees for review and approval.

History: Last Reviewed: 2/28/08

Adopted: 10/30/1997

Reviewed: 2/28/05, 2/28/08

Revised: 2/6/02