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Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5247

Title: Instructional Aides

Based on Policy: 5.24 - College Employees: Employment, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion, Suspension, and Dismissal

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for hiring instructional aides
  2. Procedure:
    1. Instructional aides may be used in teaching labs or lab-like classes to assist the instructor.
    2. Instructional aides are part-time, temporary employees who are hired on a term-by-term basis contingent upon program enrollment.  To request a new instructional aide position, the appropriate instructional supervisor must complete a Position Request form (see Procedure 5240, Employee Recruitment and Selection).  When approved, the position will continue on a recurring basis from year to year, subject to program review and enrollment. 
    3. For traditional vocational programs, enrollment must reach the following minimums for an instructional aide to be assigned:  25 students if consisting primarily (more than 50 percent) of adult students; 21 students if consisting primarily (more than 50 percent) of dual enrollment students; 13 students for high-risk environments such as auto mechanics and auto body, regardless of student population.
    4. Enrollment must be monitored on a term-by-term basis by the appropriate instructional supervisor or dean.  If enrollment falls below the minimums outlined above, the dean may approve continuation of the position on a term-by-term basis for up to two terms within the same academic year or elect to terminate the position.  If enrollment continues to fall below the established minimums throughout the academic year, the vice president for educational and student services (VPESS) must approve any further renewals of the position.  If the position is terminated, the dean or VPESS must notify the director, human resources.  To re-establish an aide position after termination due to low enrollment, a new Position Request form must be initiated and approved.

History: Last Revised: 12/1/09

Adopted: 10/10/2006


Revised: 12/1/09