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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5240

Title: Employee Recruitment and Selection

Based on Policy: 5.24 - College Employees: Employment, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion, Suspension, and Dismissal

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for the recruitment and selection of college employees
  2. Procedure:
    1. Recruitment/advertising
      1. Requests to fill an established position shall be made by the position supervisor and recommended by the area administrator using the Position Request form (see SFSC Administrative Procedure 5072 for information on establishing new positions).  The director, human resources will review the request and forward it to the appropriate executive administrator for further action.
        1. Recruitment for all new positions and full-time replacements shall be approved by the President’s Council.
        2. Recruitment for replacements in established part-time and fully grant-funded positions may be approved by the executive administrator
      2. The director, human resources shall coordinate all personnel recruitment activities including advertising in newspapers, professional magazines and journals.  The Human Resources Department shall assume the cost of these standard activities unless funds are available through external funding sources.
      3. When related South Florida State College (SFSC) experience is highly desired for an open position, the vacancy announcement shall state “internal applicants only” and the announcement shall be placed on staff bulletin boards and/or circulated to all qualified employees.
      4. Advertising may be waived at the position supervisor’s request to allow an existing SFSC employee to transfer under certain circumstances (see SFSC Administrative Procedure 5243).
      5. Standard advertising guidelines may be adopted and/or modified from time to time by the director, human resources.  Current standard guidelines for posted positions are:
        1. Part-time career staff positions: classified line ad in local newspaper for one week
        2. Part-time faculty positions: general display ad in district newspapers run two to three times per year; classified display ad in local newspaper for one week for special-need positions
        3. Full-time career staff positions, Levels I and II: display ad in local newspaper for one week
        4. Full-time career staff positions, Levels III and IV: display ad in local and selected district newspapers for one week
        5. Full-time professional staff:  display ad in local and selected district newspapers for up to two weeks; display ad in one large city newspaper (if time and funding permits)
        6. Full-time faculty and administrative positions: display ad in district newspapers for two weeks; placement in selected professional magazines and journals
        7. All posted positions will be advertised on the college’s Web site
      6. The director, human resources will coordinate recruitment at colleges, universities, technical schools and other sources.
      7. The director, human resources will ensure appropriate recruitment activities for vacant positions in under-represented minority or protected classes.
    2. Posting
      1. The director, human resources will post all full-time positions.  Approved promotions and transfers are exempt from this requirement, however, vacancies created by such promotion or transfer shall be posted appropriately.
      2. Open full-time positions shall be posted as follows:
        1. Administrative - 30 calendar days
        2. Faculty - 30 calendar days
        3. Professional Staff – Seven calendar days
        4. Career - Seven calendar days

          The posting time may be reduced or waived if it is determined by the director, human resources, that a qualified applicant pool is readily available.

          The posting time may also be reduced or waived if an extended vacancy is expected to create undue hardship on a department or area of the college.
      3. Posting is not required for part-time positions.
    3. Application/screening process
      1. An application deadline shall appear on all posted position vacancy announcements.  Only applications received before the published deadline will be considered for the position.
      2. All employment application forms shall contain a certification and release statement.  By signing the statement, applicants acknowledge that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements, or misrepresentations may disqualify them from employment consideration or be grounds for termination at a later date.  The statement also authorizes employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other individuals to provide information to the college about applicants’ ability, employment history, and fitness for employment. 
      3. The Human Resources Department shall log all applicants and initially screen applications to ensure that all meet the minimum qualifications posted for the position.  An Applicant Screening Report shall be prepared for each posted position, listing the number of applicants and related statistical data.
      4. The director, human resources or designee shall review the applications for all positions and sign the Applicant Screening Report.  It may be determined that the number of qualified applicants and/or qualified protected class applicants is insufficient.  In such cases, the application deadline may be extended to permit more intensive recruitment efforts.
      5. A screening committee comprised of two or more college employees shall be appointed for each full-time position vacancy.  The individual having direct supervision over the position should be appointed to chair the screening committee.  The screening committee for each full-time faculty and administrative position will include a member of the college’s equity committee who is responsible for ensuring that the college’s equity procedures are followed. 
      6. The screening committee shall recommend applicants for interview and indicate preferred times and locations within seven (7) workdays of the application deadline date. 
      7. The Human Resources Department shall schedule interviews, unless otherwise approved by the director, human resources. 
    4. Selection
      1. When interviews have been completed and a consensus reached, a Recommendation to Hire form shall be completed and signed by the supervisor or screening committee chair.  The application of the recommended candidate is to be attached to the Recommendation to Hire form, accompanying it through the approval process which includes the appropriate area administrator and executive administrator.  All recommendations for full-time administrative and faculty positions also require the signature of the equity committee representative to the screening committee.  The recommendation shall then be forwarded to the Human Resources Department for processing.
      2. Reference checks shall be made on all recommended candidates prior to offering employment.
        1. The director, human resources or designee shall conduct reference checks for all full-time and regularly established part-time positions.
        2. The appropriate area administrator or supervisor may conduct reference checks for part-time, short-term positions and must provide written documentation thereof to the Human Resources Department as an attachment to the Recommendation to Hire form.
      3. Upon the satisfactory completion of reference checks, the director, human resources shall assign a salary in accordance with the current salary schedule.
    5. Offer of employment
      1. An offer of employment will be extended to the candidate, in writing, outlining the terms of employment.  Only the president and the director, human resources or designee are authorized to extend offers of employment, except as provided in II. G. Adjunct Faculty Recruitment and Selection.
        1. A candidate who fails to notify the college of acceptance of such offer, in writing, within 10 working days from the date of issue, will be deemed to have declined the offer.
        2. This time limit may be waived by the president or designee provided the reason(s) for the delay are submitted in writing and justify waiver of the period of time for acceptance.
      2. In the event the approved candidate declines an offer of employment, the director, human resources shall immediately notify the screening committee chair.  The screening committee may recommend another candidate through the process outlined above.  Candidates recommended under this condition must be from the original applicant pool for the position.

        This process shall continue until:
        1. An offer has been accepted, or
        2. The screening committee is not willing to recommend another candidate.  In such event, the director, human resources, after consulting with the screening committee chair, will recommend a course of action to the president or appropriate vice president.

          The Human Resources Department will then notify affected applicants as appropriate.  All interviewed candidates will be notified when the position has been filled.
      3. All employment offers are subject to a thorough background check, including, but not limited to, criminal records, employment history, academic history, personal credit (for selected positions), and personal references.  Results of the background check may disqualify the candidate from further employment consideration or, if hired, be grounds for termination at a later date.
      4. Employment offers for full-time positions are subject to approval by the SFSC District Board of Trustees.
    6. Documentation of application and employment process

      The Human Resources Department shall maintain the following documents for at least three years as a record of each posted position opening:
      1. Position request
      2. Position announcement
      3. Applicant log
      4. Applicant screening report
      5. Recommendation to hire
      6. Interview schedule
      7. All application materials submitted
    7. Adjunct (part-time) faculty recruitment and selection
      1. Applications for adjunct faculty positions, whether unsolicited or received due to a posted position vacancy announcement, will be reviewed by the instructional supervisor(s) and/or campus center director(s) responsible for scheduling classes in the area(s) of interest indicated by the applicant.  Posted adjunct positions are exempt from the screening processes described earlier in this procedure.  Original adjunct applications will be maintained by the Human Resources Department for a minimum of three years following receipt.  Note:  The term “instructional supervisors” refers to department chairs, program managers, and program directors.
      2. Instructional supervisors or campus/center directors may initiate a hiring recommendation after interviewing the applicant, ensuring that the applicant appears to meet the minimum qualifications for the teaching discipline, and checking local references.  For purposes of this procedure, the Credentialing Request form is considered a hiring recommendation.  When initiated by a campus/center director, the Credentialing Request is forwarded to the designated instructional supervisor for review and further recommendation to the academic dean.
      3. Academic deans and campus/center directors are hereby designated to act on behalf of the president and/or the director, human resources to offer employment to adjunct faculty whose credentials have been reviewed and approved under the provisions of SFSC’s Professional Standards for Faculty and Academic Administration document and related policies and procedures. 
    8. Receipt of applications/unsolicited applications
      1. Applications will be accepted for open and posted/advertised positions and from potential adjunct faculty.  All other application forms, resumes and letters of interest received by the college may, at the discretion of the director, human resources, be discarded or returned to the applicant.
      2. Applications for adjunct faculty positions will be forwarded to instructional supervisors and/or campus/center directors based on the areas of interest and availability indicated (see II. G. Adjunct Faculty Recruitment and Selection).
    9. Non-discrimination

      No person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, political affiliation, and sexual orientation, be subject to discrimination in any employment conditions and practices including any and all recruiting and hiring practices.  Any applicant who feels he/she has been discriminated against should express his/her concerns in writing to the director, human resources who is the equal access/equal opportunity officer, if the concern is not resolved informally.  The EA/EO officer will review the issues thoroughly and determine an appropriate course of action.  If the applicant is still dissatisfied, he/she shall appeal to the president.  The decision of the president shall be final (see SFSC Procedure 1100, Equal Opportunity).

History: Last Revised: 8/5/08

Adopted: 5/17/1985


Revised: 4/10/95, 1/21/02, 4/3/03, 9/13/05, 12/13/06, 8/5/08