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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5190

Title: Physical and/or Psychiatric Examinations

Based on Policy: 5.19 - Physical and Psychiatric Examinations

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services/Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To specify the conditions when individual employment applicants can be required to undergo a partial or comprehensive physical examination as a condition for employment
  2. Procedure:
    1. Employment applicants for any position that requires heavy physical exertion, manual labor, bending, stooping, or lifting of substantial objects, or ability to use physical exertion or mobility may be required to submit to a partial or comprehensive physical examination.  The examination is at the discretion of and expense of the college.
    2. If the situation arises in which the president deems it necessary and in the best interest of the college, an employee might be required to submit to a physical and/or psychiatric examination. A physician or other provider of the college's choice and at the college's expense will conduct the examination.

      If the examination reveals that the condition or situation is due to work related factors, then worker's compensation policies and procedures will become effective.

History: Last Revised: 6/1/05

Adopted: 8/1/1989


Revised: 1/21/02, 6/1/05