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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5140

Title: Salary Schedule and Compensation

Based on Policy: 5.14 - Salary Schedule and Compensation

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/ Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To provide procedures for salary administration
  2. Procedure:
    1. The vice president for administrative services will submit a salary schedule each year to the president for consideration and presentation to the South Florida State College District Board of Trustees.
      1. The salary schedule will contain approved procedures for establishing entry level salaries and the means for periodic salary increases and advancements.
      2. The director, human resources will provide input in the development of the salary schedule to ensure competitiveness within the market area as revealed through periodic market surveys. 
    2. Compensation for all employees is based upon the current salary schedule. 
    3. Salaries of nine, 10, and 11-month faculty are payable in equal installments throughout the academic year, beginning in the month of the faculty member’s first assigned duty day.  All final contract payments will be processed in the month of June in accordance with fiscal year-end procedures based on actual duty days worked during the contract period.  Checks for final contract payments will be issued on the faculty member’s last assigned duty day for the academic year. 
    4. Salaries for all other full-time employees are payable in equal installments throughout the fiscal year, except in the initial and terminal pay periods.  Compensation for these two exception periods will be based on a formula using the effective date of hire or termination and the number of days remaining in the pay period to ensure that underpayment or overpayment does not occur. 
    5. Full-time salaries payable are subject to adjustments for actual time worked, leave and overtime for eligible employees.
    6. Hourly rates for full-time employees when needed to determine compensation for leave (including compensation for accrued leave benefits at termination) will be established by dividing the employee’s annual salary by one of the following factors:
      1. For nine, 10, and 11-month employees:  Total duty days in the current contract period multiplied by 8 hours
      2. For 12 month (year-round) employees:  2080 hours
    7. Adjunct instructor pay rates and payment schedules may vary according to the type of course or program in which the instructor is assigned.
    8. Compensation for part-time employees is based upon an hourly rate as established in the current salary schedule and is payable based upon the number of hours worked in the pay period.
    9. Compensation for supplemental assignments is payable in equal installments throughout the term of the assignment, except where specified in the Supplemental Services Agreement.
    10. No salary adjustment, performance bonus or other incentive payment will be based in any part, directly or indirectly, upon success in securing enrollments or award of financial aid to any person engaged in any student recruitment or admissions activity or in making decisions regarding the award of Title IV, HEA program funds.
    11. Compensation for employment not defined in the current salary schedule will be approved by the president.
    12. Any payment of salary which differs from the amount to which the employee is entitled will be adjusted in accordance with Florida statutes and the current salary schedule.

History: Last Revised: 4/19/11

Adopted: 9/13/2005


Revised: 1/20/09, 4/19/11