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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5072

Title: Establishing New Positions

Based on Policy: 5.07 - Employment Agreements

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/ Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To establish procedures for requesting new positions and to provide guidelines for evaluating new positions for appropriate placement within the college’s classification and salary structure
  2. Procedure:
    1. When a new position is desired, the immediate supervisor and/or area administrator should first develop a position description to reflect the duties and responsibilities expected for the position.  The position description must be developed within the guidelines of the current salary schedule with respect to employment classification, minimum qualifications, and suggested salary range.
    2. Initial consultation with the director, human resources is suggested to ensure appropriate placement of the position within the college’s classification and salary structure and to provide assistance in developing the position description. 
    3. A Position Request form must be completed to begin the formal approval process. 

      New positions shall be requested by the position supervisor, recommended by the appropriate area administrator, reviewed by the director, human resources and presented to the appropriate executive administrator for further recommendation to the President’s Council.  All new positions will be approved by the President’s Council (consisting of the president, vice presidents, and other designated administrative staff).
    4. The request shall include a proposed position description, start date, work site, work schedule, cost center, position classification and suggested salary range, funding source, and justification statement.  
    5. Upon receipt of the Position Request form and proposed position description, the director, human resources will review the recommended classification level and salary range using the following comparative factors:  knowledge required (education and experience), level of judgment required (level of decision-making), and level of responsibility (the nature and level of supervision).  These comparisons will be made relative to existing employment classifications.  
    6. After considering the recommended classification level and salary range, the director, human resources will:
      1. Provide a budget impact analysis, sign and forward the position request to the appropriate executive administrator for further action; or
      2. Meet with the position supervisor and/or area administrator to discuss concerns.  Every effort will be made to resolve any concerns by informal discussion.  If concerns cannot be resolved, the director, human resources will prepare a summary of concerns and forward it, along with the position request, to the appropriate executive administrator for further action.
    7. The executive administrator may further recommend the position to the President’s Council for approval or deny the request.
      1. If recommended to the President’ Council, the executive administrator will be responsible for presenting the request to the council, signing off on the form to indicate approval, and forwarding the request to Human Resources Department for further action.
      2. If denied (at either the executive administrator or President’s Council level), the executive administrator will be responsible for notifying the appropriate supervisor and/or area administrator and the director, human resources. 
    8. President’s Council approval is required for all new positions.
    9. When recommendations for new positions are approved during the annual budget planning process without benefit of full documentation, a Position Request form and position description will be prepared as soon as possible to document the criteria and approval of the position and to assist the Human Resources Office with recruitment and budgeting activities.
    10. Upon receipt of the approved Position Request form, the Human Resources Office will begin appropriate recruitment activities.
    11. The Human Resources Office is responsible for 
      1. Maintaining documentation reflecting the approval of all new positions.
      2. Creating and maintaining the official position description in the college’s adopted format.
      3. Posting and advertising the position in accordance with college procedures.
      4. Adding the position to the salary schedule.
      5. Ensuring that the position is created and maintained in the college’s administrative software system.
    12. The current classification system and salary structure is fully described in the college’s salary schedule as annually approved by the South Florida State College District Board of Trustees.
    13. Periodic market surveys and other comparative studies will be performed by the Human Resources Office to ensure that the college’s employment classification system remains competitive and appropriate to meet the college’s operational needs.  Recommendations to revise the employment classification system must be approved by the President’s Council. 

History: Adopted: 9/13/05

Adopted: 9/13/2005