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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5061

Title: Advancement in Rank of Faculty

Based on Policy: 5.06 - Credentials

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To describe the process for advancing in rank in accordance with the college’s professional standards for faculty and academic administrators and salary schedule
  2. Procedure:
    1. General provisions
      1. Faculty are eligible to receive an increase in salary upon award of an advanced degree or, in some cases, upon earning additional graduate semester hours in the teaching field.
      2. Instructional ranks are based on academic achievement as established in the college document Professional Standards for Faculty and Academic Administrators.
      3. Salary increases associated with advancement in rank are established in the college’s current salary schedule.
      4. Notwithstanding the timelines established in this procedure, academic deans should be aware of anticipated advancements for budget planning purposes.
    2. Applying for advancement
      1. At least 60 days prior to the award of an advanced degree, the faculty member must notify the supervisor, in writing, of the anticipated award date and request advancement to the appropriate academic rank.  A current transcript must be attached to the request. 

        Note:  Faculty who have filed an educational program and/or received educational grants through the SPD Committee must also apply for advancement in rank as provided in this procedure.
      2. The supervisor will make a recommendation to the appropriate division dean.
      3. The division dean will make a recommendation to the vice president for educational and student services (VPESS).
      4. Upon approval by the VPESS, the request will be forwarded to the director, human resources, who will notify the faculty member of approval, pending receipt of an official* transcript that verifies award of degree or needed additional hours.

        *An official transcript is one which bears a college seal and has been forwarded directly from the issuing institution to the South Florida State College Human Resources Department.  Photocopies and student copies are not official transcripts for credentialing purposes.
    3. Salary increase
      1. Upon receipt of a transcript showing the degree award date, the director, human resources (or a designee) will initiate a personnel action to increase the faculty member’s salary retroactively to the date of the degree award.
      2. If the degree is awarded after the faculty member’s last duty day within any academic year, the salary increase will become effective the following academic year.
      3. The calculation for the salary increase will be based on the faculty member’s daily rate.
    4. Adjunct faculty and non-instructional college employees teaching overloads
      1. Instructional ranks as prescribed in the college’s Professional Standards for Faculty and Academic Administrators also apply to adjunct faculty and other non-instructional college employees who are teaching overloads.
      2. Pay rates for these employees are established in the current salary schedule; however, increases due to advancement in rank will be effective at the beginning of the term (or class assignment) following the degree award, pending receipt of an official transcript.
      3. The appropriate instructional rank for these employees will be established by the director, human resources in consultation with the appropriate division dean.

History: Last Revised: 12/1/09

Adopted: 8/9/2005


Revised: 12/1/09