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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5060

Title: Professional Standards for Faculty: Exceptions

Based on Policy: 5.06 - Credentials

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services

  1. Purpose:

    To establish the process by which South Florida State College (SFSC) will determine the professional qualifications of an instructional applicant when the individual’s credentials do not readily lend themselves to the tenets prescribed by the college document Professional Standards for Faculty and Academic Administrators
  2. Procedure:
    1. Governing philosophy
      1. The most recently adopted standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, shall be the primary basis for considering applicants as described above.  In all cases, faculty must have competence in the fields in which they teach.  This competence is demonstrated by appropriate graduate degrees, extensive work experience, or professional practice in the teaching field.  Competency requirements will vary by teaching discipline.
      2. SFSC believes that all instructional personnel should possess the competencies necessary to teach from a sound frame of educational reference.  In the majority of cases, this frame of educational reference will be founded on formal academic training and instructional experience.  However, in certain areas of instruction (e.g., the performing arts), competencies may not be based on formal, academic training alone.  Considerable weight may be given to such factors as directly related experience, artistic performance, scholarly works and professional publications.
    2. Determination of competency
      1. The instructional supervisor or campus/center director will review/analyze the qualifications of the applicant and make a recommendation to the appropriate academic dean.  When initiated by a campus/center director, recommendations must go through the assigned instructional supervisor.  The recommendation shall include a written statement outlining any outstanding professional experience and demonstrated contributions to the teaching discipline for consideration as an exceptional case.
      2. If approved, the dean will forward the recommendation and all supporting materials to the Human Resources Department for processing.  Human Resources Department staff will add the approved applicants to the listing of credentialed faculty pending personnel file completion.
      3. The dean may approve the applicant on a temporary basis, either for one term or for the remainder of the academic year.  At the expiration of such approval, no further teaching assignments may be made unless the applicant is re-submitted for approval.
      4. In the event a request is denied, the dean will notify the instructional supervisor (and campus/center director, if applicable) and forward any materials received to the Human Resources Department for record keeping purposes.
      5. Appeals on behalf of the applicant are to be conducted as prescribed in the SFSC Professional Standards for Faculty and Academic Administrators.

History: Last Revised: 12/1/09

Adopted: 8/1/1989


Revised: 12/4/01, 8/9/05, 12/1/09