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South Florida State College
Administrative Procedures

Procedure: 5043

Title: Employee Reappointment and Evaluations

Based on Policy: 5.04 - Performance Review

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President For Administrative Services/ Human Resources

  1. Purpose:

    To set deadlines for the evaluations of college employees and for submitting their reappointments to the South Florida State College District Board of Trustees (DBOT).  Reappointments are subject to funding availability, position continuation and continued quality performance of each employee.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Individual evaluations for incumbents in the following employee groups are due in the Human Resources Department on or before the date indicated: 
      1. President’s immediate staff--Jan 31
      2. Administrative staff and faculty--Feb 28 (or 29)
      3. Professional staff and career employees--March 31
    2. The following represents the months of DBOT meetings that respective reappointments are to be submitted:
      1. President—January
      2. President’s immediate staff—February
      3. Administrative staff and faculty—March
      4. Professional staff and career employees--April
    3. Employees in probationary status at the time scheduled for their employee group reappointment will be submitted to the DBOT for reappointment following successful completion of their probationary period.
    4. Newly appointed employees whose probationary periods end on or after July 1 are considered to be appointed for the ensuing fiscal year. 

History: Last Revised: 7/7/09

Adopted: 5/17/1985


Revised: 1/21/02, 6/1/05, 7/7/09