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South Florida State College
District Board of Trustees Policies

Policy: 2.15

Title: Safekeeping, Reproduction, and Destruction of Records

Legal Authority: Florida Statutes: 1001.64, 1001.65, 1002.22

Office of Primary Responsibility: President’s Office

In accordance with the Florida Statutes, SBE Rules, and college policy, the president shall be responsible for the safekeeping, reproducing, and destroying of records which include, but are not limited to, correspondence, applications for admissions, applications for employment, student records, educational records, personnel and payroll records, financial records, and other matters related to the college operations.

Students shall be informed via the College Catalog, the Student Handbook, and the college Web site of the location and availability of all college policies regarding student records and rights.

Public records of the college shall be available for inspection or copying in accordance with Federal and State laws. All requests for such inspection or copying shall be made in writing to the President’s Office. Copies of any non-exempt documents shall be furnished to the requesting party and a charge may be assessed in accordance with applicable law.

History: Last Reviewed 6/27/12

Issued by District Board of Trustees: 8/10/1984

Reviewed: 7/01/04, 7/01/07, 7/22/09, 6/27/12

Revised: 8/10/84