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South Florida State College
District Board of Trustees Policies

Policy: 5.24

Title: College Employees: Employment, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion, Suspension, and Dismissal

Legal Authority: Florida Statute 1001.64; State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.041

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Administrative Services/ Human Resources

The Board of Trustees shall approve administrative and instructional personnel for full-time employment. The president shall establish procedures for the recommendation of individuals for employment.

The president, within limitations of budgets, federal funds, or other special sources of revenue, and in accordance with the college policies, procedures, and approved salary schedules, is authorized to employ:

  • Full-time instructional personnel for additional employment
  • Part-time, temporary, or substitute personnel to carry out the functions of the college
  • Career employees and student assistants

Offer of Employment (State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.041)

The president may extend a written offer of employment to an applicant for a specific full-time administrative or instructional position with the college.   An individual, who fails to notify the college of acceptance of such offer within 10 work days from date of issue, may be deemed to have declined the offer.  This time limit may be waived by the president.

The president shall authorize the temporary appointment of employees until approval by the Board of Trustees has been granted at the next scheduled Board meeting.

The president is authorized to promote, transfer, demote, and suspend and, with Board of Trustees approval, dismiss, terminate, and effect other personnel actions on college employees.

Employees filling part-time positions serve at the will of the college, and the president is authorized to effect the personnel actions on the employees without the Board of Trustees action.

History: Last Reviewed 6/27/12

Issued by District Board of Trustees: 8/10/1984

Reviewed: 7/1/04, 7/1/07, 7/22/09, 6/27/12

Revised: 12/19/01