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Service/Department Phone Location
Academic Support Division 863-784-7441 Y-209 (Second Floor)
Admission 863-784-7405 B (First Floor)
Adult Education 863-784-7441 H-205 (Second Floor)
Applied Sciences and Technologies Division 863-784-7424 T-6
Arts and Sciences Division 863-784-7330 B-207
Athletic Department 863-784-7035 E
Bookstore 863-784-7112 B-102
Box Office 863-784-7178 A
Cafeteria 863-784-7199 J
Career Academy 863-784-7209 L
Career Development Center 863-784-7410 B-111
Cashier/Refunds 863-784-7142 B-150
College Reach-Out Program (CROP) 863-784-7196 B-158
Community Relations and Marketing 863-784-7250 F-108
Corporate and Community Education 863-784-7388 T-9
Crews Center 863-453-2250 Avon Park
Cultural Programs 863-784-7177 A-203
DeSoto Campus 863-784-7040 Arcadia
Driver Education 863-784-7388 T-4
EA/EO Employee Coordinator 863-784-7132 I (First Floor)
EA/EO Student Coordinator 863-784-7107 B-274
eLearning 863-784-7017 Y-109 (First Floor)
ESOL 863-784-7380 H (Second Floor)
Financial Aid 863-784-7254 B-168
Florida Farmworker Jobs and Education Program 863-784-7072 Hardee - 203
Florida Farmworker Jobs and Education Program 863-784-7386 Highlands - R2
Hardee Campus 863-784-7060 Wauchula
Help Desk (eLearning) 863-784-7017 Y-109 (First Floor)
Highlands Campus 863-784-6661 Avon Park
Honors Program 863-784-7247 B-205
Lake Placid Center 863-784-7082 Lake Placid
Library - Learning Resources Center (LRC) 863-784-7306 Y-LRC (Second Floor)
Open Computer Lab 863-784-5121 Y-LRC (First Floor)
Panther Youth 863-784-7155 R1 and R2
Registrar 863-784-7139 B-151
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) 863-784-7189 Y (Second Floor)
Security 863-453-0806 K1
Student Disabilities Specialist 863-784-7176 B-153
Student Government Association (SGA) 863-784-7450 B-109
Student Services Division 863-784-7107 B-274
Switchboard (Central) 863-453-6661 B-108
Testing Center 863-784-7214 B-255
The Artists’ Group (TAG) 863-784-7388 T-4
The Hotel Jacaranda 863-784-7338 Avon Park
The Teacherage 863-382-3441 Sebring
TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) 863-784-7291 Y-102 (First Floor)
Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) 863-784-7102 Y-LRC (First Floor)
University Center 863-784-7408 UC-100