What is the Career Academy at SFSC?

The Career Academy at SFSC is an entire learning experience on the SFSC Highlands Campus. You’ll attend high school classes, taught by high school instructors, during one half of the day. During the other half of the day, you’ll attend college-level classes alongside other college students.

Learning Environment

Career Academy Student The Career Academy at SFSC is a special place where high school students have the opportunity to earn high school credits and participate in college-level vocational courses on a college campus. This requires maturity and responsibility on the part of the student.
  • Educational maturity and the ability to work in a college environment will be expected of all students.
  • A typical high school environment will be maintained for half of the day while the student takes high school credits in Building L on the SFSC Highlands Campus.
  • Students will work side by side with adult learners in vocational classes for half of the day. These courses will be rigorous.
  • The student will enjoy greater freedom on campus, but with that comes greater responsibility. If appropriate behavior is not maintained, the student may be withdrawn from the program.
  • The student must accept and adhere to the schedule and rules that apply at the Career Academy.