What is the Career Academy at SFSC?

The Career Academy at SFSC is an entire learning experience on the SFSC Highlands Campus. You’ll attend high school classes, taught by high school instructors, during one half of the day. During the other half of the day, you’ll attend college-level classes alongside other college students.

Get started on a productive career while you’re still in high school. The Career Academy at South Florida State College is your road to success.
Through the Career Academy at SFSC, you can earn your high school diploma and work toward a vocational certification (and possible college credit) at the same time, thereby saving you valuable time in accomplishing your professional goals. In other words, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce immediately upon high school graduation. 


Seventy-two percent of the top 25 fastest-growing occupations in Florida require vocational or college training. The Career Academy opens those doors for future high-paying jobs in occupations that are recognized as growing throughout Florida.


To be eligible for the Career Academy at SFSC, you must be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. View admission requirements.

Getting Started

To find out how you can be involved in the Career Academy at SFSC, visit your high school guidance counselor, request information online, or call:
Avon Park High School (863) 452-4311
Lake Placid High School (863) 699-5010
Sebring High School (863) 471-5500
Link to Highlands County School Board Link to South Florida State College Link to Avon Park High School Link to Lake Placid High School Link to Sebring High School


  • Tuition and book costs are defered.
  • Transportation is provided.
  • Breakfast and lunch services.
  • If eligible, students may participate is extracurricular activities at their school of enrollment.
  • Upon meeting high school graduation requirements, students may participate in commencement ceremonies at their school of enrollment.
  • Enjoy all the activities, events, facilities, and privileges available to SFSC and Highlands County high school students.
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