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1650 | Radiography
Admission is once each year in the fall term. Application packets will be available beginning the second week in January and the window of submission is from that day until the second Friday in April of each year. This is a limited access program.

Associate in Science (A.S.)

Description of Program:

The Radiography Program prepares you as a skilled professional radiographer through a curriculum that includes both classroom and clinical instruction. The program has applied toward accreditation by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology. Upon successful completion of the accredited program, you will be eligible to apply to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologies national examination for certification and registration.

As a radiographer, you may find employment in hospitals and clinics, physician offices, government and industrial facilities, and medical laboratories where you may produce images of the human body to assist the health care team in diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease. You will learn to determine safe exposure limits, utilize infection control guidelines, provide appropriate patient care during procedures, and expose radiographs using both traditional and digital techniques.

Application Requirements:

In addition to the admission requirements of the college, the following are requirements for admission to the Radiography Program:

  1. Satisfactory completion of any remedial course work needed to be eligible for college level courses.
  2. Completion of the three prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher prior to applying. Laboratory science courses must have been completed within five years prior to application. The three prerequisite courses are:
    # BSC 1085C Anatomy and Physiology I (G.E.) 4
    # MAC 1105 College Algebra (G.E.) 3
    # ENC 1101 Freshman English I (G.E.) 3
    # Must earn a grade of C or higher.
  3. A completed Radiography Program application (separate from the college’s application).
  4. Eight hours of documented observation/shadowing a radiologic technologist.

Admission Procedures:

You are responsible for following the admissions procedures and for ensuring your records are complete in the Admissions Office. No application will be considered unless it is complete.

The following should be submitted to the college’s Admissions Office:
  • Completed college application;
  • Official high school transcript;
  • Official transcript from each college attended for credit courses; and
  • Completed Radiography Program Application.

Selection Criteria and Process:

Acceptance to the Radiography Program is competitive. The higher your GPA in the three prerequisite courses, the better the chance of being selected for the program.
  1. A 2.75 GPA or higher must have been maintained in the ten credit hours of prerequisites.
  2. Selection of the 12 students will be based upon those with the highest GPA in the three prerequisites.
  3. Residence in service district for one year immediately prior to the time of application.

In the event there are two or more applicants with identical GPAs, the following criteria will be used as a tiebreaker (If you have the highest combined GPA, including completed general education courses, you will be selected): 
# BSC 1086C Anatomy and Physiology II (G.E.) 4
# MCB 2010C Microbiology (G.E.) 4
# CGS 1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3
# PSY 2012 General Psychology (G.E.) 3
# HUM Humanities (G.E.) 3
# Must earn a grade of “C” or higher.    

Length: Two (2) years (77 credit hours)


Fall Term
MCB 2010C Microbiology (G.E.) 4
HSC 1230C Methods of Patient Care 3
RTE 1503C Radiographic Procedures I 3
** RTE 1418C Principles of Radiography I   2
  RTE 1804L Radiographic Clinical Education I   1
Spring Term
** BSC 1086C Human Anatomy and Physiology II (G.E.) 4
** RTE 1458C Principles of Radiography II   4
** RTE 1513C Radiographic Procedures II   3
** RTE 1814L Radiographic Clinical Education II   2
Summer Term
** RTE 2563 Principles of Radiography III   4
** RTE 1523C Radiographic Procedures III   3
** RTE 1824L Radiographic Clinical Education III   2
CGS 1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3

Fall Term
PSY 2012 General Psychology (G.E.) 3
** RTE 2609C Principles of Radiography IV   3
RTE 2763 Introduction to Sectional Anatomy and Computed Tomography 3
** RTE 2834L Radiographic Clinical Education IV   3
Spring Term
** RTE 2782 Radiographic Pathology   3
** RTE 2385 Radiation Biology and Protection   3
** RTE 2844L Radiographic Clinical Education V   3
* HUM Humanities Elective (G.E.) 3
Summer Term
** RTE 2061 Radiographic Seminar   2
** RTE 2854L Radiographic Clinical Education VI   3

* It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the department chair or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.
** Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.
You must earn a grade of 75 percent or higher on all RTE and HSC courses.
  Fundamentals of Speech Communication general education requirement is covered within the radiography curriculum.