3344 | Law Enforcement to Correctional (Crossover)

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

This program is designed to train you to become a corrections officer in the state of Florida, and it meets the state requirements as approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. If you hold a law enforcement officer training certificate and passed the State Certification Examination, you may “crossover” to corrections. Upon successful completion of this occupational program, you will be eligible to take the state certification examination to become a certified law corrections officer. You must attend all sessions of training and per Administrative Rule, score a minimum of 80 percent on all examinations.

Special Admission Requirements:

  1. Must be a certified law enforcement officer or have successfully completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and pass the state certification examination.
  2. Obtain authorization from the Director of the Public Service Academy prior to registering for all or part of this program.
  3. Submit to a background inquiry prior to admission (additional fingerprint fee).
  4. Not have a record of conviction for any felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or domestic violence.
  5. Successfully pass a basic abilities test (additional fee).
  6. Complete the academy application process.


Length: 172 contact hours / 5.2 occupational credits


CJK 0200 Overview of Corrections 14
CJK 0205 Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Responding to incidents and Emergencies 12
CJK 0310 Officer Safety 16
  CJK 0315 Facility and Equipment   8
CJK 0320 Intake and Equipment 18
  CJK 0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility   40
CJK 0330 Supervising Special Populations 20
CJK 0354 Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Officer Wellness 12
CJK 0392 Crossover Handgun Transition Course 24
CJK 0393 Crossover Program Updates 8

NOTE: Courses, hours, and requirements are subject to change as determined and required by the state of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.