3550 | Phlebotomy

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

This is a short certificate program designed to prepare students for employment as phlebotomists. Students will acquire skills in the areas of communication, leadership, human relations, and employment; collect blood specimens by capillary or venipuncture on adults, children and infants; provide comfort and well-being of the patient while performing blood collecting duties; and observe safety policies and procedures both in the classroom and clinical settings.

Applications are accepted Aug. 1-31 for the October class and Nov. 15-Dec. 15 for the February class.

Application Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must score 9 or above on all three sections of the TABE.
  3. Complete both college and Phlebotomy Program applications.
  4. Meet with an advisor.

After Acceptance:

  1. Complete Background Check/Fingerprinting.
  2. Completed Health History/Physician Physical.
  3. Submit an Informed Consent.
  4. Submit to ten-panel drug screening.

12 to 16 Weeks (165 contact hours)


  MLT 0043C Basic Concepts of Phlebotomy   82
  HSC 0405C CPR for Healthcare Providers   8
  HCP 0940 Phlebotomy Practicum   75