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3430 | Administrative Office Specialist

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

The administrative office specialist certificate prepares you for an office occupation such as typist, payroll clerk, accounts payable/accounts receivable clerk, word processor, receptionist, file clerk, general office clerk, secretary, and administrative assistant. Course content includes, but is not limited to, accounting (elective), payroll, business English, business communications, keyboarding, introduction to business trends, office equipment, transcription, fundamental basic office procedures, introduction to computers, work relations, and interpersonal skills. If you receive your administrative assistant occupational certificate, you may receive some credits toward a College Credit Certificate (Office Management, #3050). Consult your instructor.

Class Meetings: Classes meet Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Length: 1050 contact hours/ 35 occupational credits


Fall Term
  OTA 0101 Occupational Introductory Keyboarding   48
  OTA 0101L Occupational Introductory Keyboarding Lab   48
  OTA 0311 Occupational Business English   48
  OTA 0311L Occupational Business English Lab   48
* OTA 0501 Occupational Business Math using Spreadsheets   48
  OTA 0501L Occupational Business Math using Spreadsheets Lab   48
  OTA 0402 Occupational Office Equipment and Procedures   48
  OTA 0402L Occupational Office Equipment and Procedures Lab   48
  OTA 0490 Occupational Personal Business Skills   48
  OTA 0490L Occupational Personal Business Skills Lab   48
Spring Term
* OTA 0322 Occupational Business Communication   48
  OTA 0322L Occupational Business Communication Lab   48
  OCA 0301 Occupational Word Processing MS Word   48
  OTA 0301L Occupational Word Processing MS Word Lab   48
  CTS 0061 Occupational Introduction to Digital Design Techniques   48
  CTS 0061L Occupational Introduction to Digital Design Techniques Lab   48
OTA 0595 Occupational Introduction to Business 48
OTA 0595L Occupational Introduction to Business Lab 48
  Office Elective w/Lab   96
First Summer Flex Session
  OTA 0422L Office Practices Lab   42
* OTA 0943 Occupational Office Internship/Externship   48

* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.
  • If you enter the Administrative Office Specialist Occupational Certificate Program in spring or summer term, you will have limited course selection and may require more than one year to complete.
  Office Electives:    
  OTA 0105 Occupational Intermediate Keyboarding   48
  ACO 0011 Occupational Financial Accounting I   48
  ACO 0805 Occupational Payroll Accounting   48
Gainful Employment Disclosure


Award Year 2010-2011    2011-2012
Students Completing Program* 2 1
Program Costs:  
  Tuition and Fees $3,027.28 $3,299.12
  Books and Supplies NA NA
  Total NA NA
Debt at Program Completion:  
  Median of Federal Loans $0.00 $0.00
  Median of Private Loans $0.00 $0.00
Program Completion in Normal Time:  
  Normal Program Length 11 months 11 months
  Students Completing in Normal Time NA 0.00%
Job Placement Rate for Completers: NA 100%
NA - Data Not Available  
* - Completers data based on fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)