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3400 | Practical Nursing (LPN)
You should consult with a counselor/advisor prior to enrolling in this program. Admission to this program occurs once a year. Applications will be accepted from the second week of January until the second Friday of April. This is a limited access program.

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

This program is designed to provide you with classroom theory and clinical experience in nursing skills. The program includes the scientific principles of nursing care common to all patients and the development of the beginning skills necessary to implement a nursing care plan. Guided learning experience in the care of selected patients is provided in community facilities. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX exam for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. This Board has the authority to deny a license to you, if you are found guilty of violating Florida Statute 456.0635.

Application Requirements:

The following materials and activities must be completed and submitted to the Allied Health Advisor:

  1. Completed SFSC Application for Admission.
  2. Completed Supplemental Nursing Application. (If you wish to apply to more than one program must submit a separate application for each nursing program.)
  3. Placement test scores of 11.0 in reading, 11.0 in math, and 11.0 in language on the TABE, Level A. (You may schedule this test through the college’s Testing Center.)
  4. Official high school transcript, GED, or equivalent verifying proof of high school graduation.
  5. Official college transcript(s) verifying the completion of the following courses and all other college work attempted:
      DEP 1004 Human Development   48
      PRN 0071 Principles of Nutrition   48
      MTB 2371 Math for Health Occupations   32
  6. Completed Nursing Student Checklist and submission of all related documents.
  7. References from the following sources may be mailed or delivered by student if in a sealed envelope:
    1. Current or most recent employer or instructor.
    2. Two persons of your choice other than a relative.
  8. Completed registration form and fee for NLN Pre-Admission Examination. All items must be forwarded to the Allied Health Advisor at South Florida State College, 600 West College Drive, Avon Park, Florida 33825.
  9. Math for Health Occupations and Nutrition must have been taken within seven years of admission to the program. If course was completed more than seven years ago, you must pass the college required competency exam. All science courses must have a lab.
  10. All required developmental courses must be completed prior to application to the nursing programs.

Selection Criteria:

There are specific criteria which will be used when selecting students for the program. These criteria are as follows:

  1. Completion of the eight prerequisite hours with a grade of C or higher in each course and a cumulative prerequisite GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. Achievement at the 50th percentile or above on the NLN Pre-admission Examination.
  3. Satisfactory physical, mental, and dental health as certified by a licensed physician and dentist. Certification of satisfactory health is a requirement for admission to the nursing program. However, you will not be required to show documentation until after acceptance into the program.
  4. Review of professional references.

Selection Process:

  1. If you meet the minimum requirements by application deadline, you will be rank ordered, highest to lowest, on a product score devised by multiplying the NLN composite percentile score by the minimum GPA of 2.5 in the following prerequisite courses: 
      DEP 1004 Human Development   48
      PRN 0071 Principles of Nutrition   48
      MTB 2371 Math for Health Occupations   32
  2. In cases where all credentials are equal, the following criteria will be used in the given sequence to determine who will be admitted into the program:
    1. Resident of service district.
    2. Completed application date.

General Information:

  1. SFSC reserves the right to deny admission to you if you lack the necessary qualifications for LPN Program. You must reapply if you wish to be considered for a subsequent class. Each class is selected from a new applicant pool.
  2. Completion of all or part of the general education courses required in the degree does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
  3. The nursing program at SFSC has a stringent attendance policy. Unlike many programs, there are no mechanisms for the provision of make-up work for classroom or clinical experiences. It is imperative that you understand and agree to abide by the published attendance standards prior to entering the program. The attendance policy is published in the Nursing Student Handbook which specifies the number of allowable absences for each portion of the program. If you have life or health conditions that might hinder attendance, you may wish to consider another program or delay application until a strong commitment to attendance can be made.
  4. An official criminal history background check and a drug screen are required for entry into this nursing program. Please be aware that some providers of clinical experience will not allow individuals with certain types of criminal history into their facilities. This may deny entrance into the program, because such individuals would not be able to successfully complete clinical portions of the nursing program. A criminal history may also prevent you from being allowed to take the NCLEX examination for licensure by action of the Florida Board of Nursing. For more information or questions regarding your status, please contact the Board of Nursing at 850-245-4125 or access information at www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursing.
  5. SFSC is a drug-free campus. As a student, you will be required to submit to random drug testing.

Academic Requirements:

An overall grade of 75 or higher in each and every nursing course. Theory and clinical grades are computed separately. Minimal passing grade for each is 75 percent; achievement in either theory or clinical of less than 75 percent constitutes a failure in the course.

Length: Eleven (11) months (8 credit hours / 1350 contact hours / 45 occupational credits)


Fall Term
  PRN 0001 Introduction to Nursing Theory   140
  PRN 0001L Introduction to Nursing Clinical   150
  PRN 0022 Body Structure and Function (Theory)   64
  PRN 0010 Vocational Adjustments I and Health (Theory)   30
Spring Term
  PRN 0030 Administering Medicines (Theory and Clinical)   55
  PRN 0379 Medical-Surgical Nursing Theory   160
  PRN 0379L Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical   121
  PRN 0500 Geriatrics (Clinical)   144
First Summer Flex Session
  PRN 0100 Maternal and Newborn Care Theory   48
  PRN 0100L Maternal and Newborn Care Clinical   56
  PRN 0110 Care of Children Theory   48
  PRN 0110L Care of Children Clinical   56
Second Summer Flex Session
  PRN 0011 Vocational Adjustments II (Theory)   20
  PRN 0379L Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical   130

Gainful Employment Disclosure


Award Year 2010-2011    2011-2012
Students Completing Program* 0 24
Program Costs:  
  Tuition and Fees $4,050.51 $4,703.00
  Books and Supplies $3,235.00 $3,235.00
  Total $7,285.51 $7,938.00
Debt at Program Completion:  
  Median of Federal Loans $0.00 $4,190.00
  Median of Private Loans $0.00 $1,745.01
Program Completion in Normal Time:  
  Normal Program Length 16 months 16 months
  Students Completing in Normal Time NA 100%
Job Placement Rate for Completers: NA 93%
NA - Data Not Available  
* - Completers data based on fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)