2160 | Industrial Management Technology

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Description of Program:

The A.A.S. degree in Industrial Management Technology is designed to provide specific entry-level managerial and supervisory skills related to your technical areas of training. You will gain a balance of academic, business, supervisory, management, and technical skills.

NOTE: Up to 30 college credits may be awarded for an occupational certificate and/or lifetime experience.

If you plan to enter this A.A.S. program, you must have completed a SFSC (or its equivalent) Occupational Certificate with a GPA of 2.0 or higher prior to admission or provide documented evidence of practical or lifetime experience. If you are seeking credit for practical or lifetime experience, you must follow Experiential Learning Credit guidelines prior to enrolling in this program.

If you are an incoming transfer student who has completed comparable occupational credit courses at other accredited institutions, you must have an official transcript sent to the Admissions Office. The Dean of Applied Sciences, Registrar, and the Dean of Applied Sciences and Technologies determine transferable courses that could be used toward this program.

To be eligible for this program, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. The college credit awarded as part of this program will be held in escrow until the A.A.S. Degree in Industrial Management Technology has been completed and may not be used toward any other degree. If you have Special Admission Requirements, you must obtain approval of your application by the Dean of Applied Sciences and Technologies.

Length: Two (2) years (60 credit hours)


First Term
* ENC 1101 Freshman English 1 (G.E.) 3
* MAC 1105 College Algebra OR (G.E.) 3
*    MGF 1106    Liberal Arts Mathematics I    
  GEB 1011 Introduction to Business   3
CGS 1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3
##   Technical Requirements   2
SLS 1106 First Year Experience Seminar 1
Second Term
  ACG 2001 Financial Accounting I OR   3
     ACG 2021    Financial Accounting    
  MNA 2345 Management and Supervision   3
  SPC 2600 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (G.E.) 3
EIN 1XXX Internship/Externship in Industrial Management   3

First Term
  INP 1390 Human Relations OR (G.E.) 3
     PSY 2012    General Psychology    
**   Social Science Elective (G.E.) 3
**   Management Elective   3
**   Humanities Elective   3
Second Term
    Awarded Credits and Electives   21

* It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level English, math, or reading course depending on college placement test scores.
** It is your responsibility to meet with the department chair or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.
## Technical Requirement - You will be required to complete six credit hours of advanced technical training. (See program manager.)