3905 | Electrical Lineman


Description of Program:

The program is designed to introduce you to the historic and current methods and procedures of entry level job skills of electrical lineman. Topics include safety, required mathematics, electrical concepts, measuring electric output, understanding AC current, design of three phase systems, transformers and their installation, distribution and transmission poles, underground distribution systems, application of meters, phasing and measuring voltage and current, and an understanding of overall electrical system operations. The instruction consists of classroom study and hands-on practice. Program completion requires that you perform 640 hours of related classroom training, 8,000 hours of internship and on-the-job training (OJT). The Electrical Lineman Apprenticeship program is a selective admission program restricted to individuals who are employed in the electrical industry and are working for a participating employer. Prospective students who are currently working for a participating employer in this area are encouraged to apply for selection to the Apprenticeship Committee before August of each year. For more information call 863-453-2250.

Length: 640 classroom contact hours, 8,000 hours of internship and on-the-job training / 21.3 occupational credits.


First Term
  ETP 0180 Lineman Apprenticeship I   4-80
  ETP 0941 Lineman Internship I   320
Second Term
  ETP 0181 Lineman Apprenticeship II   4-80
  ETP 0942 Lineman Internship II   320
Summer Term
  ETP 0943 Lineman Internship III   400

First Term
  ETP 0182 Lineman Apprenticeship III   4-80
  ETP 0944 Lineman Internship IV   320
Second Term
  ETP 0183 Lineman Apprenticeship IV   4-80
  ETP 0945 Lineman Internship V   320
Summer Term
  ETP 0946 Lineman Internship VI   400

First Term
  ETP 0184 Lineman Apprenticeship V   4-80
  ETP 0947 Lineman Internship VII   320
Second Term
  ETP 0185 Lineman Apprenticeship VI   4-80
  ETP 0948 Lineman Internship VIII   320
Summer Term
  ETP 0950 Lineman Internship IX   400

First Term
  ETP 0186 Lineman Apprenticeship VII   4-80
  ETP 0951 Lineman Internship X   320
Second Term
  ETP 0187 Lineman Apprenticeship VIII   4-80
  ETP 0952 Lineman Internship XI   320
Summer Term
  ETP 0953 Lineman Internship XII   400
NOTE: ETP 0941 is still active as a standalone course. All new internships are equivalent to ETP 0941.