3902 | Electrical


Description of Program:

The Heartland Electrical Apprenticeship Committee sponsors the Electrical Apprenticeship Program. Program completion requires that you perform 640 hours of related class training and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training (OJT). Related class training hours may count toward completion, but OJT hours are not recorded until you are indentured to a participating employer. The Electrical Apprenticeship program is a selective admission program restricted to individuals who are employed in the electrical industry and are working for a participating employer. Prospective students who are currently working for a participating employer in this area are encouraged to apply for selection to the Apprenticeship Committee before August of each year. For more information call 863-453-2250. This program is registered with the Florida Department of Education and is recognized by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training. This is a limited access program.

Length: 640 contact hours and 8,000 hours on-the-job training / 21 occupational credits


First Term
  BCA 0350 Electrical Wiring I   80
  BCA 0358 Electrical Internship I   320
Second Term
  BCA 0351 Electrical Wiring II   80
  BCA 0359 Electrical Internship II   320
Summer Term
  BCA 0361 Electrical Internship III   400

First Term
* BCA 0352 Electrical Wiring II   80
  BCA 0362 Electrical Internship IV   320
Second Term
* BCA 0353 Electrical Wiring IV   80
  BCA 0364 Electrical Internship V   320
Summer Term
  BCA 0365 Electrical Internship VI   400

First Term
* BCA 0354 Electrical Wiring V   80
  BCA 0367 Electrical Internship VII   320
Second Term
* BCA 0355 Electrical Wiring VI   80
  BCA 0368 Electrical Internship VIII   320
Summer Term
  BCA 0392 Electrical Internship IX   400

First Term
* BCA 0356 Electrical Wiring VII   80
  BCA 0393 Electrical Internship X   320
Second Term
* BCA 0357 Electrical Wiring VIII   80
  BCA 0394 Electrical Internship XI   320
Summer Term
  BCA 0395 Electrical Internship XII   400

  Apprentices must also document 8,000 hours of appropriate on-the-job training and pass the Experior examination for Journeyman Electrician.
* Requires approval from Apprenticeship Program Manager