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3370 | Network Support Services

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

This program is designed to prepare you for employment as network support help desk, network support specialist, network administrator, and to provide continuing workforce development for those previously or currently employed in these occupations. As a CISCO Networking Academy, SFSC is partnering with CISCO Systems, Inc., to provide a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare you for employment in network support services positions. The course content is designed to train you to design, build, and maintain sophisticated computer networks. You will learn to build networks from the ground up, beginning with network design, proper cable installation techniques, connecting and configuring Internet hardware switches and routers, and troubleshooting networks when problems occur. These courses will prepare you to work as a help desk support technician, installation expert, network technician, network support specialist, network designer, network installer, or network administrator.

Length: 960 contact hours / 32 occupational credits


First Term
  EEV 0570 Network Support Services I   60
  EEV 0570L Network Support Services I Lab   180
  EEV 0571 Network Support Services II   60
  EEV 0571L Network Support Services II Lab   180
Second Term
  EEV 0572 Network Support Services III   60
  EEV 0572L Network Support Services III Lab   180
  EEV 0573 Network Support Services IV   60
  EEV 0573L Network Support Services IV Lab   180
Optional Certification Electives:
EEV 0546 MS Windows Operating System (Server) 60
EEV 0546L MS Windows Operating System (Server) Lab 180
EEV 0547 MS Windows Operating System (Workstation)   60
EEV 0547L MS Windows Operating System (Workstation) Lab 180
EEV 0548 MS Windows - Directory Services 60
EEV 0548L MS Windows - Directory Services Lab 180
EEV 0568C PC Service - A+ Core Hardware 60
EEV 0568L PC Service - A+ Core Hardware Lab 180
EEV 0569C PC Service - A+ OS Technologies 60
EEV 0569L PC Service - A+ OS Technologies Lab 180
* EEV 0596 Network Security Services I   60
EEV 0596L Network Security Services I Lab 180
  EEV 0597 Network Security Services II   60
EEV 0597L Network Security Services II Lab 180
* EEV 0684 Wireless Network Services I 60
EEV 0684L Wireless Network Services I Lab 180
EEV 0540 Introduction to PC Software 60
EEV 0540L Introduction to PC Software Lab 60
EEV 0560 Introduction to PC Hardware 60
EEV 0560L Introduction to PC Hardware Lab 60

* Prerequisite: EEV 0573
NOTE: EEV 0930L is still active as a standalone lab. All new labs are equivalent to EEV 0930L.
Gainful Employment Disclosure


Award Year 2010-2011    2011-2012
Students Completing Program* 6 13
Program Costs:  
  Tuition and Fees $2,587.20 $2,828.80
  Books and Supplies NA NA
  Total NA NA
Debt at Program Completion:  
  Median of Federal Loans $0.00 $0.00
  Median of Private Loans $0.00 $0.00
Program Completion in Normal Time:  
  Normal Program Length 8 months 8 months
  Students Completing in Normal Time NA 0%
Job Placement Rate for Completers: NA 0%
NA - Data Not Available  
* - Completers data based on fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)