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3020 | Computer Programming

College Credit Certificate

Description of Program:

The Computer Programming certificate prepares you as an entry-level programmer in the microcomputer environment. A variety of programming languages, software applications, and networking courses are available, so that you may individualize the program depending on your personal career and interest. Hands-on computer experience is emphasized throughout the program. Some credits will articulate directly toward the A.S. degree in Computer Programming and Analysis (Program #1610).

Length: One (1) years (33 credit hours)


First Term
  OST 2335 Business Communications   3
* MAC 1105 College Algebra OR (G.E.) 3
     MTB 1103    Business Mathematics using Spreadsheets    
  OST 1100C Introduction to College Keyboarding   3
  CGS 1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3
Second Term
  GEB 2430 Business Ethics   3
**   Programming-Applications Electives   12
Summer Term
  CGS 2565C Principles of Computer Information Systems   3
**   Programming-Applications Electives   3
* It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level math course depending on college placement test scores.
** At least nine (9) elective hours must be COP (computer programming) courses.

Programming Courses:
  COP 2170C Principles of Computer Programming   3
  COP 2224 Introduction to C++ Programming   3
  COP 2810 Programming for the Internet   3

Advanced Programming Courses:
(at least 3 COP credits must be among the following courses)
  COP 2171C Advanced Programming Techniques   3
  COP 2228 Advanced C++ Programming   3
  COP 2250 Java Programming   3

Applications and Other Courses:
  ACG 2450C Accounting for the Microcomputer   3
  CET Networking Courses   3
  CGS 2510C Introduction to Spreadsheets   3
  CGS 2820 Introduction to Web Design   3
  CIS 2930 Selected Topics in Computer Science   1-4
  CIS 2949 Co-op Ed. Training Assignment in Computer and Information Systems   1-4
  CTS 2106 Fundamentals of Unix    
CTS 2210 Introduction to Digital Graphics 3
  GRA 1100 Introduction to Computer Graphics   3
  GRA 1156 Intermediate Computer Graphics   3
  GRA 2157 Advanced Computer Graphics   3
  OST 1713C Word Processing - MS Word   3
Gainful Employment Disclosure


Award Year 2010-2011 2011-2012
Students Completing Program* 0 0
Program Costs:  
  Tuition and Fees $2,724.30 $2,972.20
  Books and Supplies NA NA
  Total NA NA
Debt at Program Completion:  
  Median of Federal Loans $0.00 $0.00
  Median of Private Loans $0.00 $0.00
Program Completion in Normal Time:  
  Normal Program Length 10 months 10 months
  Students Completing in Normal Time NA NA
Job Placement Rate for Completers: NA NA
NA - Data Not Available  
* - Completers data based on fiscal year (July 1 - June 30)