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3072 | Logistics and Transportation Specialist – CCC

South Florida State College’s College Logistics and Transportation Specialist – College Credit Certificate program provides a basic educational foundation in logistics. Students earn 18 hours of college credit through these core courses:

  • Introduction to supply chain management
  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Purchasing and inventory management
  • Principles of quality management
  • Operations management

By entering the field of supply chain management, you’ll embark on a challenging, high-demand career, with good pay and opportunities for growth and advancement.

Logisticians and supply chain managers oversee the delivery of goods and personnel through precise coordination of land, sea, and air transportation. Using sophisticated software, they track the purchasing, transportation, inventory, warehousing and delivery of products to the marketplace. During times of natural disasters and other crises, logisticians and supply chain managers coordinate transportation for aid workers, clean-up crews, and military personnel.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for logisticians and supply chain managers is expected to grow by more than 20 percent in the next decade, much faster than average for all occupations. High wages and expanding job opportunities are some of the reasons U.S. News and World Report ranks logistics among its “Best Jobs.”

College credits earned through the Logistics and Transportation Specialist program can be applied to SFSC’s Associate in Science (AS) degree in Supply Chain Management.

XCEL-IT Advantages for Logistics and Transportation Students

SFSC's Logistics and Transportation program is part of XCEL-IT, a grant-funded program that provides additional benefits to students who enroll in certain computer technology programs. As a student in an XCEL-IT program, you may be eligible for financial assistance, and you'll be invited to attend customized advising workshops and classes, take part in workforce training programs, go on professional field trips, and receive career counseling. You’ll get assistance with internships, job searching, and preparing for employment.

XCEL-IT accepts students who are enrolled in the Digital Forensics program and meet one of these five criteria:

  • Eligible for assistance under the Trade Adjustment Act
  • Over age 24
  • Unemployed or underemployed due to lack of training and skills relevant in today's workplace
  • Entrepreneur or small business owner
  • U.S. military veteran

Apply for XCEL-IT by completing the XCEL-IT Intake Form. Deliver the form to the XCEL-IT Office, Building R-2, Highlands Campus, or email it to:

For more information, call XCEL-IT at 784-7438.