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College Transfer Degree Programs

Associate in Arts Degree Program

SFSC is committed to a comprehensive university-transfer program that provides opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and social growth along with specialized learning.

SFSC awards the A.A. degree upon completion of a prescribed program designed as the first two years of a baccalaureate program within the Florida public college and university systems. According to the Florida Articulation Agreement, earning an A.A. degree indicates that you have met the general education requirements for admission to the upper division of Florida’s public universities and will be admitted with full junior standing, provided you have met the state competencies requirements or qualified for competency alternatives, paid all fees, and met academic standards. You should investigate transfer requirements of the upper division college you plan to attend as early as possible in order to fit the appropriate courses into your program at SFSC.

If you have completed specialized prerequisites, you are able to continue that specialty at the upper division institution. Should you not maintain continuous enrollment, you will be subject to all new rules and regulations adopted by SFSC since your last admission date.

Associate in Science Degree Programs

The two-year A.S. degree programs prepare you for employment in a variety of specialized technical fields. These specialized training programs can help you accelerate your professional growth and keep pace with the changes in your selected field. Each program stresses practical application. Classes are conducted in sophisticated, modern labs and technical facilities. The A.S. degree programs offer you an opportunity to learn tomorrow’s technology today.

The A.S. degree provides transferability into a baccalaureate program of study at one or more of the state universities or independent colleges in Florida. The A.S. degree is a minimum of 60 credit hours, with approximately 18 credit hours of general education. The A.S. degree gives a student the flexibility of entering the job market after two-years of study or continuing their education. Students are encouraged to discuss their options with a counselor.