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Honors Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Q: What will the SFSC Honors Program do for me?
A: While you are at SFSC:
  1. You will enjoy small, seminar-style classes taught by full professors who are experts in their fields and interested in you, the student. No 400-plus lecture halls; no graduate student instructors!
  2. Each academic term you are a student in good standing with the Honors Program, you will receive a $250 book scholarship, payable as a credit at the campus bookstore. No additional application is needed; no FAFSA need be filed.
  3. You will have the right to use the Honors Study, a comfortable, computer-equipped study lounge with Internet access and printer in the Cornelius Classroom Building.
  4. You will be invited to meet faculty from Florida and national universities at lectures and conferences held statewide. Honors students visit Florida university campuses and welcome visiting faculty into their classrooms.
  5. You have the opportunity to submit research for presentation at statewide academic conferences for undergraduates, with other Florida college students.
  6. You will have the company of students who are intellectually curious, self-motivated, ambitious, and open-minded – people like you!

Q: What about transferring? Do universities acknowledge the SFSC Honors Program?
A: Yes! Here are just two of the programs available to a student who earns an Honors Program A.A. at SFSC:
  1. Florida Institute of Technology: Pre-admission; transfer to FIT after A.A. earned and prerequisites satisfied; $12,000/year for junior and senior year and $10,000 for first year of an accelerated master’s; open only to Honors Program students and students admitted to Phi Theta Kappa (PTK).
  2. University of Tampa: Honors-to-Honors articulation agreement with SFSC allows graduates of the SFSC Honors Program to be admitted to the UT Honors Program upon transfer. UT may also make transfer scholarships available.

Q: What do I need to do to earn the Honors Program endorsement on my A.A.?
A: You need to complete the following requirements:
  1. Be admitted to the Honors Program
  2. Complete at least 15 Honors credit hours
  3. Complete 3 hours of IDH 2001-06, The Honors Seminar, with a grade of A or B
  4. Complete the one-credit leadership course requirement (satisfied either by IDH 1107, The Competitive Edge, or SPC 2410, Honors Parliamentary Procedure) with a grade of A or B
  5. Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or greater
  6. Document a substantial oral presentation using technological enhancements
  7. Complete 25 documented hours of service-learning
  8. Complete all additional requirements for the Associate in Arts degree

Q: What do I get from the Honors Program endorsement?
  1. The Honors Program endorsement on your diploma and transcript
  2. Special recognition at Graduation ceremonies
  3. A transcript showing each Honors course taken at SFSC
  4. A record of your service-learning while at SFSC – on your transcript
  5. Documentation of your major oral presentation – on your transcript
  6. Documentation of your leadership course – on your transcript
  7. Beginning with students admitted in fall 2008: Documentation of your portfolio – on your transcript (Web-accessible portfolios are in the works!)
  8. Clear evidence that you pursued a rigorous course of college studies while at SFSC
  9. The knowledge that you are now ready for the full challenge of your chosen field