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Phlebotomists are skilled in collecting blood samples for diagnostic purposes. They are employed in physicians’ offices, blood banks, laboratories and clinical facilities. By completing SFSC’s phlebotomy course, students learn to draw appropriate amounts of blood while minimizing patient discomfort, follow safety precautions and sanitary practices, and dispose of bio-hazardous materials.

Programming for phlebotomy is contingent on community need and does not have a consistent schedule. There will usually be a Fall term and Spring term offering. Class meets on Saturdays and some evenings. Please check with Allied Health Department for more information on date and registration for the next course.

Approximate Costs:

College admission/graduation fee $40.00
Tuition (FL Resident) $482.00
(subject to change)
Lab Fees $200.00
Insurance Fees $25.00
Textbook $65.00
Uniforms (included in lab fees) N/A
Shoes $35.00
Fingerprinting $35.00
10 Panel Drug Screen $40.00
Health Requirements Cost varies by provider
TOTAL: >$922.00

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